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10 Best Digital Media Companies in Asia

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Humans worship to fall in love; likewise customers imagine staying connected with brands that take action together/share and do lot more to add to their post purchase knowledge. We think that every brand name needs a plan to sweep up consumers off their feet.

1. InkOniq

It is an award endearing modern digital agency located in India. They merge design thoughts, technological mastery and marketing knowledge to deliver overwhelming experiences for mobile, web, smart TV and internet of things. Inkoniq is web design, user interface, and user experience Design Company’s ability revolutionary digital knowledge for Startups, SMEs and Enterprises

2. New Digital Noise

New Digital Noise (NDN) is the full-service Digital Marketing Agency which offers business and consulting services. This agency has 2,138 Unique Clients in world wide. NDN Team is devoted to consult structured strategy and offer astonishing insights into alteration effects of digitization on business operations. It offers corporation the most groundbreaking and creative use of technology merges digital communication, which is recognised as a pioneer in artificial intelligence in Hong Kong. The team of brilliant artists and copy writers are proficient of generating high superiority and engaging content in whatever form of that will best fit your brand.

3. Kreata Global

They are deliberately imaginative and technically groundbreaking digital agency and create unique experiences for brands by using their knowledge in social and digital media marketing. It is a deliberately creative & technologically groundbreaking digital agency, with offices in UAE & India. Creating exclusive experiences for brands using our proficiency in social media, digital advertising, design & development, e-commerce & digital commencement procedures is our forte. We’ve been talented to make this achievement, because of our 3 point digital mantra.

4. Whisper

Whisper is a proprietary iOS and Android social media marketing agency to accessible exclusive of accuse, which says that it allows users to send post in secret, and to take delivery of replies Users post messages, known as “whispers,” which are displayed as text superimposed over an image mechanically retrieved from Whisper’s own investigate engine or uploaded by the user. According to Adweek, as of November 2016, Whisper has over 30 million monthly dynamic users, with 17 billion whispers being seen every month by 250 million people crossways Whisper’s app, mobile and desktop websites, social channels and publisher network.

5. Reklam5

Reklam5 create and develop ideas for its customer’s digital marketing needs since 2008. Especially focuses on generation of high traffic, organization of translation rates and sustaining higher engagement rates. The team frequently plays Fifa, enjoys music, interests in photography. 

6. Xpointo

Founded in 2008, Xpointo Media is a hybrid of digital agency and technology lab. As marketers they bring digital campaigns by leveraging social media, search, rich media promotion, mobile, apps and more. Their digital lab has developed platforms similar to guide genome, web and imaginative x. Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Sony and Nikon are some of their most famous clients.

Founded in 2001, Brandneu is a full service digital marketing agency in service out of Singapore and India office. Apart from digital strategy, look for and social media marketing, they are also specific in association marketing, renovation optimization and require generation. Their client includes brands like Novartis, Philips, HSBC and HP.

8. Clickr Media

Established since 2009, Clickr Media is a digital marketing consulting company only if services across Analytics, Design, Development, Search, Email, Display, Mobile and Social. Their meeting point to look for Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Advanced Web Analytics, Online Media location up to distribute higher level ROI. DBS, SENNHEISER and AXA are some of their well-known clients.


VOLO is a full-service digital marketing agency that assists build, launch and grow businesses and brands together with clients all over the globe. They combine creative, strategy, design and technology to assist brands and make businesses develop full potential.

10. Carbon Interactive

Carbon is an appreciated imaginative & digital agency for all your incorporated and interactive initiative. We are a think-tank of knowledgeable mentor, strategists, creative’s, technologists, marketers and narrator with the obsession to convert fresh thoughts and unfathomable insights into impactful campaigns and initiatives.

As everything becomes more and more ingrained in expertise & digital, we don’t consider in turnkey processes. We put emphasis on creating a deep client-agency teamwork and partnership that will make what we do extremely momentous for the times we live in.

We specialize in creating the best user experience for your objective spectators from side to side web design & development and also creating stories, discussion & activities in the social space. We provide Services like Web Design & DevelopmentUser Interface & User Experience DesignDigital Strategy ConsultingSocial Media Marketing & Management Etc.,

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    • Reply Claus Verner

      August 5, 2017, 2:34 pm

      As a market Director in charge of the APEC region in decent large German company I had the pleasure working with a few of these companies. Here are my five cents (personal reflections)

      Gave us freaking good results regarding web analytics, but to be fair, they charge an intergalactic amount of money.

      VOLO Digital Agency
      These are the go-to team when it comes down to branding and web, especially anything that relates to China. They have helped us to successfully launch a bunch of brands inside the APEC-region as well as in Europe and North America.

      Carbon agency are real solid when it comes to strategy, these guys pointed out several of core problems within our strategy, and gave us directions how to solve them. Not only did they help us, but they also followed up real nicely.

      I worked with their UAE-team for a year or so, they helped us with user tracking and improve the way we “spoke” towards the middle-eastern market. These are definitely the guys to talk with when it comes down to UAE.

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