10 Social Media Predictions For 2023

December 21, 2022

Written by Jhasmin Vidal

Last time, we talked about the 5 marketing predictions that you shouldn’t miss this coming year. 

Today, we will go further down that rabbit hole and discuss the social media predictions for next year.

With 2023 just a few days away, you probably can’t stop thinking about what this new year has in store for your business.

Social Media Predictions

Moreover, as we have learned in the last few years, things can change in an instant, and being unprepared is the last thing we want.

Therefore, here are 10 social media predictions to prepare you for the coming year:

1. Video content will become even more mainstream.

We are sure that you have heard the phrase “YouTube is a search engine” because most people prefer video explanations.

That has now evolved into short videos. People prefer quick, snappy, and entertaining videos now on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook Reels, as well as YouTube shorts, compared to long videos from YouTube alone.

Therefore, short videos will be the most popular way to reach your audience on social media.

2. Brands and creators will work side by side.

People trust other people more than faceless brands. Therefore, to solve this, brands will start to hire more popular creators in-house to be the faces of their brands on social media.

3. Social commerce will be mainstream.

We will see more brands integrate social commerce into their social media strategies in 2023. This will make shopping easier for your customers since they can now buy your products without ever leaving the app.

4. Social listening will be necessary for every brand.

To stay ahead of the curve, brands will need to pay attention to what people are saying.

Being able to stay updated with the latest news and trends will pay off for most of them.

5. Social commerce will require more than buying and selling.

Let’s face it doing what everybody else is doing, most often than not, doesn’t work anymore.

Therefore, we will see more brands offering unique experiences to their consumers through social media, like virtual tours and exclusive events.

Moreover, we will most likely see more NFT and Web 3 integration because of this.

6. Community Building > Brand Awareness

Social media will become more about creating relationships with customers than than pushing products. To create relationships with their audiences, brands will prioritize meaningful conversations and engaging content.

This is also the reason why we think Discord will play an important role for brands next year, given its ability to create a platform for communities to connect in all ways.

7. More brands will start telling their stories

Stories and storytelling will grow in popularity in 2023 as brands begin to use them to engage their consumers in more meaningful ways.

As mentioned above, brands and customer relationships will become the most important things next year. Moreover, telling your brand’s story and values is a good way to start.

8. Voice search will become more popular

Voice search will become more important in 2023 as voice-controlled devices become more common. 

Therefore, make sure your content is optimized for voice to stay ahead of the competition.

9. Augmented Reality will take off

Augmented reality (AR) will grow in popularity in 2023 as brands start to use it to give their customers more interesting experiences.

Besides that, AR will also play a big role in the metaverse, and big players are racing to make the most of it. 

10. Virtual Events and Livestreams

Livestreaming and virtual events play a big role in branding. It provides a more interactive way for your audience to connect and get to know you and the team behind your brand. Giving this experience to your customers is a game changer.


Here are just some of the social media predictions for next year. We hope you find this article helpful and feel a little bit more prepared for 2023.

We wish you the best, and if you need any help, just feel free to contact us.

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