April 2016 - New Digital Noise

April 2016

Award winning academy apk with screenshot, based in Hong Kong.
How we built our own Chatbot and why!
At NDN Group, we are constantly experimenting with new technologies. So, when Facebook announced the launch of the “Chatbots for Messenger”, we decided to build one on own! There was just one problem, what would our bot do? I mean, if you...
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A person in Hong Kong is pointing at a phone displaying a message related to digital marketing.
How Bots are taking over Business!
Earlier this month, Facebook surprised us all with the launch of a hotly anticipated feature, Chatbots for Messenger. Since then, the real benefits of this technology has been widely discussed. Can bots replace us? What are they good for? Will...
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A person in Hong Kong utilizing digital marketing strategies and SEO techniques while working on a laptop and cell phone at a white table.
Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age
Marketing has never been an easy job, but some would argue that it has become even more difficult in recent years. There was a time when a marketing strategy consisted mostly of television, print ads and radio, and while advertising...
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Digital Marketing Improvements and tips hong kong New Digital Noise
Jumpstart Your Marketing Efforts
Advertising and marketing in the 21st Century needs to go a lot further than television and radio. Most marketing happens online through social media, your company’s website and anywhere else content can be posted. Content marketing lets you tell your...
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An award-winning digital marketing image featuring a VR headset soaring through empty space.
5 Things you Need to Know for a Successful Virtual Reality Campaign
Remember the first time you tried a Virtual Reality (VR) Headset and said: “Wow, this is the future of computing”. Well, we can’t tell for sure what the future of computing really is; however, we know that VR is today,...
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