May 2016 - New Digital Noise

May 2016

Five tips for a successful social media strategy in digital marketing.
Five Tips For a Successful Social Media Strategy
Over the past two decades, the marketing industry has transitioned from an emphasis on print advertising to digital. Online marketing is no longer just a fad; it is necessary component to every marketing strategy. One of the fastest growing facets...
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Discover how award-winning digital marketing and SEO strategies can leverage social media to drive business growth and boost sales.
How Social Media Can Help Grow Your Business and Drive Sales
Social media is gigantic, and across all channels, there are more people out there actively engaged on social than the population of China and India combined. According to BrandWatch, there are over 2.3 billion active social media users and more than...
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The award-winning digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong showcases their expertise in social media with a blue background.
5 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Social Media Management
Social media has taken on a life its own over the last few years. The trends change every day. Considering that social media was first designed as a means to connect users with each other, connect with old friends, or...
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Emily Cheng, an award-winning UX and JD designer from Hong Kong specializing in digital marketing.
What Is User Experience Design? Interview our UX/UI Designer, Emily Cheung!
1. For the people who don’t know about User Experience, could you please give us a short introduction? User experience is how you feel when you interact with apps, websites, gadgets and brands, and a UX designer's role is to...
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A person executing digital marketing strategies in front of a window.
How marketing & technology are converging
Before today’s digital age, marketing and technology were two separate entities. One dealt with computers and network issues, while the other sought to promote the company/brand to the public. But thanks to today’s increased interested in all things related to...
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A laptop with the words ux flow on it, utilized in digital marketing.
Our Design Process for UX & UI
Our Process I. Descriptive and market analysis – Determine the main goal of the system (the activity that it is intended to support) – Competitive/ market analysis (map out functions and features as comparisons) II. Field study and determining requirements...
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