June 2016 - New Digital Noise

June 2016

Learn about the significance of SEO and its relevance in digital marketing.
What Is SEO and Should You Care?
Consider this: Google clocks over 2.3 million searches per second and it accounts for a brain-numbing 100 billion searches each month. (Mashable) Over 60 trillion web pages are indexed on Google at the time of this writing and is expected to...
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Jumping into award-winning digital marketing ads, here's what you should know.
Jumping into Paid Ads? Here’s what You Should know
In traditional media buying, you’d need to have a budget ready or get it approved, get in touch with sales or media departments of major publications (news, magazines, television, and radio), get the help of an ad agency, produce ads,...
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5 reasons to hire a digital advertising agency specializing in digital marketing and SEO.
5 Reasons to Hire a Digital Advertising Agency
In the world we live in, most consumers will look online before they ever come into your business. Customers want to see that the businesses they are buying from are active online. Whether that means an updated website, blog, social...
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Agency for Social Media Marketing & Advertising
3 Must-know Facebook Advertising Tips
Over the last few years, Facebook has made changes to their algorithms making it more difficult for businesses to reach their audience without advertising. (Of course there’s exceptional cases) Luckily Facebook marketing is a powerful form of online advertising and you...
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