July 2016 - New Digital Noise

July 2016

Award-winning digital marketing techniques for growing viral on social media.
How to Go Viral on Social Media?
Going viral (for the right reasons) is the dream for many businesses who use social media marketing. The idea of your content reaching thousands or even millions of people for free or for very little investment is so exciting. You might...
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Award-winning guide on 5 steps to effectively manage a social media crisis.
5 Steps on Managing Social Media Crisis
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Do you have a social media crisis plan? Most businesses do not and that can lead them vulnerable to big problems. In social media, anything can spread like wildfire and even the smallest misstep can turn into a huge debacle....
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4 award-winning SEO questions your boss will ask about digital marketing in Hong Kong.
4 Questions Your Boss is Going to Ask You About Digital Marketing
Anyone in business knows the higher up you get in a company, the less it is about the little details and more about the digital strategy. But when it comes to digital marketing, many companies want to hear what the return...
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A person in Hong Kong utilizing digital marketing strategies and SEO techniques while working on a laptop and cell phone at a white table.
5 Successful Content Marketing Cases 2016 (Hong Kong)
Pokémon GO is taking the world by storm, especially among the younger segment. People are hanging out on streets and even travelling around the city to collect different Pokémons. As a marketer or Entrepreneur, how can you ride on the success...
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5 award-winning types of content that prove SEO-driven marketing in Hong Kong.
5 Types of Content that Prove, Content is King in Marketing!
If you have never heard the expression, content is king, you may have been living under a rock. Content right now is one of the most important factors to your marketing strategy because 9 out of 10 customers will look online...
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