January 2017 - New Digital Noise

January 2017

A man stands in front of an award-winning wall full of paper, showcasing his expertise in digital marketing.
How to Choose a Marketing Agency
Choosing a Marketing agency is one of the greatest challenge your business will face. With a significant amount of change taking place in the traditional marketing, many companies are looking to hire expert digital marketing agencies to market their business at the global...
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A group of award-winning people sitting around a table with digital marketing icons in Hong Kong.
How can Marketing Automation help to define ‘Customer Journeys’
In the coming year, an increasing number of businesses are looking at new integrated marketing automation system – Integrated Marketing Stack in order to look into “customer journeys” in order to understand their customers’ needs, allowing possibilities for their businesses to re-position themselves...
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Award-winning digital marketing in Hong Kong.
Key Takeaways About Digital Marketing in China
Digital Marketing in China is growing rapidly as more companies are looking for methods for marketing, branding, and communication that is relevant to connect suppliers and consumers. Chinese people are really digital people, they like to interact with the latest technology....
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