February 2017 - New Digital Noise

February 2017

A bustling and vibrant street in Tokyo at night, featuring the lively energy of Hong Kong.
10 Best Digital Media Companies in Asia
Humans worship to fall in love; likewise customers imagine staying connected with brands that take action together/share and do lot more to add to their post purchase knowledge. We think that every brand name needs a plan to sweep up...
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A man is holding an award-winning sign that says customer journey.
How to action Customer Journey Analytics?
The desire to understand customer journey can lead marketers and business owners to search for more effective methods in their marketing strategies to increase in sales and customer satisfaction. In accordance to Thunderhead Blog and some researches, Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) will...
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An award-winning SEO specialist's hand is touching a network of people in Hong Kong.
Enhance Your Marketing With KOL Engagement
Over the past few years, brands and marketers have transformed how they manage their communications and marketing. While it remains important to identify target channels through relevant media, publications and formats – brands and marketers have taken it up a...
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A chalkboard displaying award-winning digital marketing trends for 2017.
10 Most Important Marketing Trend in 2017
2016 was a wonderful year for the online market, but the industry never slows down. We haven’t pretty hit the end of the year, but it’s time to start accepting wisdom about how the industry’s going to modify in 2017—and...
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