December 2017 - New Digital Noise

December 2017

A man in Hong Kong points at a speech bubble featuring a robot icon, symbolizing digital marketing strategies such as SEO.
Transforming Businesses with Chatbot
It's time to embrace the chatbot revolution. Apart from driving sales and offer customer experience, businesses can now leverage conversational chatbot technology in human resources management and other internal functions. We’ve kick-started collaboration with Fuji Xerox and IBM Watson to...
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A man in Hong Kong working on a laptop with the word remarketing displayed, specializing in digital marketing and SEO.
Step Up your Facebook Marketing Game
The constantly evolving Facebook features call for more attention to how your advertisement and content perform on the ever-so-powerful social platform. Now with remarketing tools such as dynamic ads and sponsored messages, you can retarget potential customers with personalized messages...
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A businessman in a suit is analyzing an award-winning graph.
Creative Split Testing and Project Mockup
Facebook has just upscaled A/B tests with a creative split testing function in Ads Manager this November. This particular function helps test different creative variations — from ad formats, visuals, headlines, to call to action — to check which version...
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A group of people posing for an award-winning photo in a classroom.
Social Media Strategies for Non-profit Organizations
Gone are the ages of push-selling strategies. Social media platforms are a level playing field for enthusiastic marketers to deliver engaging content. We believe social media, with the viral factor and analytics, is a perfect low-threshold tool for non-profit organizations...
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A man is presenting digital marketing strategies in Hong Kong.
The Future of AI and its Applications
In this fast-changing world, everything you can imagine changes by seconds. The topic of AI has been widely-discussed and its applications have been growing exponentially. In partnership with IBM, CoWork Tech Hub NDNX invited Joshua Zheng, Program Director of IBM...
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