January 2018 - New Digital Noise

January 2018

Two award-winning pictures of a man giving a presentation on digital marketing at a conference in Hong Kong.
The Dawn of a New Era: Cryptocurrency
By now, cryptocurrency is not a stranger to the world. It has become one of the most polarising topics out there. Some see it as digital gold and to some, it’s fool’s gold. To help interested individuals understand what is...
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A visually captivating network of dots and lines on a blue background, representing an innovative digital marketing approach that has won prestigious awards in Hong Kong.
New Economy vs. Old Economy
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The economy is evolving and changing. The ubiquitous proliferation of technology and social networks in all aspects of our global village is having a clear impact on the world’s economy. Money is changing hands in new ways. Some of which...
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A woman in Hong Kong is reaching for a hot dog.
Jazzing Up Subway Campaign with Music
In the era of information explosion, social media content has to stand out in order to leave a lasting impression. There ought to be something extra to push forward your ideas and to appeal to the audience. When practically almost...
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A woman in Hong Kong holding a ring in a black and white photo.
One Brand, Two Markets
While jewellers with a strong global presence are highly sought after in China, localising the brand’s marketing campaign to suit local tastes takes great understanding and expertise. Starting from 2017, New Digital Noise has been helping India’s premium diamond jewellery...
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An award-winning laptop computer is displaying a Chinese website.
Weibo is back and stronger than ever!
Since the launch of WeChat a little less than seven years ago, Weibo has been fighting a tough fight for users and exposure. But towards the end of 2017, the Chinese social media giant regained momentum and won back the...
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A variety of award-winning social media sites are displayed on a computer screen.
Digital Marketing Prediction 2018
Are you wondering how social media marketing will change this year? Need some fresh ideas? This article might be able to help. #1: Instagram If you still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, you really should. It is a good way...
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