April 2018 - New Digital Noise

April 2018

A woman holding a cell phone with pictures on it - Hong Kong SEO expert creating digital marketing strategies.
Up your Instagram Game with Stories
With more than 300 million users active every day on Instagram Stories, it’s safe to say that this feature is laden with marketing opportunities. As the relatively new function opens a new world to online marketers, it’s important to know...
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A group of people in Hong Kong sitting in a room with an orchestra.
Marketing with Art
Art is capitalised by businesses large and small to draw target audience’s interests. When used right, it delights the senses and offers fresh perspectives on how audience perceives the brand. Hong Kong is now a hub for international and local...
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Chinese subway with award-winning digital marketing.
The Art of Going Viral
The digital marketing industry is incredibly competitive, what makes some creative campaigns more effective than others? When it comes to introducing a new product in the market, effective social media strategies are crucial to increase visibility among the target audience,...
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An award-winning businessman silhouette with a brain in the background representing expertise in digital marketing and SEO.
Can Artificial Intelligence Take Over the world?
From The Terminator franchise to Alex Proyas’s I, Robot (2004), we are all too familiar with big screen storylines depicting sapient Artificial Intelligence rebelling against its human creators and attempting to take over the world. As amusing as these dystopian...
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