May 2018 - New Digital Noise

May 2018

Two award-winning professionals in Hong Kong utilizing sticky notes on a glass wall for digital marketing strategies.
Blockchain: Learning A New Language
Despite its ubiquity, the blockchain language remains foreign to many. But like learning any new language, we become more comfortably proficient as our vocabulary grows. Let’s decode the keywords of blockchain with simple explainers to help advancing your participation in...
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A cartoon of an Asian man featuring Hong Kong and digital marketing elements.
How Fun Can Financial Marketing Be?
In the eyes of a seasoned online marketer, no industry is too boring for content marketing. There’s a common misconception that tongue-in-cheek creativity finds no place in an industry like the financial services where credibility and professionalism are so highly...
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Award-winning Mercedes Benz showroom in Tokyo equipped with advanced digital marketing techniques.
Shifting Gears to Digital Marketing
The automotive industry has historically focused their resources on traditional marketing and retail experience. But automakers and dealers are quick to recognise the importance of a digital presence. New Digital Noise has been assisting one of them to reach and...
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An award-winning digital marketing laptop from Hong Kong with the word seo on it.
Keeping Up with SEO Changes
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The SEO updates Google has been bringing forth in recent years are enough to make our head spin. Along with a few frequently asked questions, we are going to call your attention to three changes that may just affect your...
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An award-winning digital marketing agency utilizes a magnifying glass to analyze a list of passwords for SEO purposes.
Getting to Know the General Data Protection Regulation
Brands serving a global clientele online will know privacy is one of the key concerns addressed by information security today. On May 25, 2018, the EU has enacted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to better regulate the way that personal data...
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