July 2018 - New Digital Noise

July 2018

The Facebook Marketplace app is showcased on an iPhone.
Advertising at Facebook Marketplace
In 2018, individuals surfing on Facebook has amounted to an average of 1.45 billion per day, which is over one-fifth of the total world population. This versatile and gargantuan base of active users is why you need to know about...
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A cluster of award winning phones showcasing the iconic Instagram logo, ideal for digital marketing in Hong Kong.
How Should Brands Utilise IGTV?
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Instagram has released IGTV, its sibling application on 20th June, 2018. The app recognises all users as creators, encouraging us to visualise our ideas and thoughts through long-form videos by phone. IGTV allows creators to make vertically-oriented videos as short...
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A phone incorporating award-winning digital marketing and SEO strategies with a picture of a person and a picture of a city.
Comprehensive Solutions in China
For overseas brands, tapping into China’s vast potential market requires a thorough understanding of its indigenous social media ecology. This prompted the collaboration between extreme sports pioneer AJ Hackett and New Digital Noise, where we help its Macau Tower centre build presence...
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A geo-themed computer screen showcasing Hong Kong's award-winning digital marketing.
Finding your Right Audience with Geo-targeting
When working on target marketing, online marketers often go all out to solve a key puzzle in mind: How to maximise efforts while minimising errors? With a simple digital tool, we’ve found a solution for one of our clients. We...
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A man in a suit holding a finger with the word "security" on it, excelling in award-winning digital marketing in Hong Kong.
How to Protect Online Data as a User
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The online world has become quite the scary place. With a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower describing just how much personal information can be harvested from Facebook, the world is in a frenzy when it comes to the topic of data privacy. What may...
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