August 2018 - New Digital Noise

August 2018

A person is digitally drawing on a paper with an award-winning pen in Hong Kong.
The Best Kind of UX/UI design
User experience and user interface, typically referred to as UX and UI, are key to quality website and app design. UX refers to the procedure of elevating the overall user experience when they interact with the application or website, while...
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An award-winning digital marketing campaign featuring the Instagram logo on a phone screen.
A Quick Guide to Instagram Story Ads
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According to Instagram statistics, one-third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are generated by businesses. Also, one in five Stories receives a direct message from its viewers. This is how promising it is to place Ads on this popular feature...
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Award-winning cognitive ad brings chatbot functions to banner in Hong Kong.
Boosting Your ROI with Cognitive Ad
Cognitive technology is taking the marketing community by storm. While it was dubbed by leading analyst firm Gartner as a disruptive platform “with a shift more impactful than many other technologies in the past 20 years”, marketers at large remain...
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An award-winning airplane with the words extramile?
Going the Extra Mile with Social Media
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With its unique ability to effectively reach and engage niche audiences and communities, social media is a powerful platform for brands to achieve both business goals and amplify social impact. Making use of such connectedness, New Digital Noise is assisting...
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