September 2018 - New Digital Noise

September 2018

Exploring the types of award-winning artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in SEO and digital marketing.
AI 101: Understanding our Future with AI
When we hear the term ‘artificial intelligence’ or ‘AI’, it is easy to imagine scenes from movies that depict robots smarter than us plotting to take over the world. While it is easy to have a dystopian view of AI,...
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Award-winning Blue x Airbus SEO advertisement in Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Zero to One: Digital Marketing Integration
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There is way more behind a digital campaign than creating a Facebook page and boosting posts, especially one that starts from nothing. It requires a focus on brand-building strategies across platforms implemented with significant technical expertise. From September onwards, we...
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Hong Kong's award-winning digital marketing scene, exploring the new digital world with a focus on SEO strategies.
Storytelling with Video Marketing
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The directorial debut of screenwriter Sunny Chan Wing-sun, Men On The Dragon won over hearts at the theatre this summer with a life-affirming Hong Kong tale. The film follows four telecommunications employees as they embrace challenges at work and in...
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A woman is showcasing an award-winning digital marketing campaign in Hong Kong through a phone screen.
Instagram Turns Two
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IG Stories has just turned two in August 2018. Attracting 400 million users daily, it is now a great way for businesses to make noise while having fun with its array of built-in functions — learn to make full use...
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An iPad with digital marketing is expected to reach 600 billion by 2019.
Diversifying Digital Marketing Efforts in China
Online market in China continues to flourish. In 2017, netizens in the country have amounted to 7.72 billion. Online advertising market has reached 382.87 billion yuan and it is estimated to exceed 600 billion yuan by 2019. Currently, e-commerce advertising...
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