April 2019 - New Digital Noise

April 2019

Wechat digital marketing campaigns in Hong Kong.
Achieve Viral Marketing on WeChat with H5 Campaigns
The latest WeChat Spring Festival data report claims their daily active users reached 1 billion, hitting its peak during Lunar New Year’s Eve. The legendary app began 8 years ago, transforming from a messaging app to the biggest all-in-one social...
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Award-winning digital marketing for McDonald's in Hong Kong.
More than an Ad, Greater than a Sales Machine
The term “cognitive” is essentially referring to cognition and intelligence. But what does cognitive have anything to do with advertising? Is it possible to earn money directly with an online ad? Here are a few showcases to understand the buzzword...
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How do Instagram users think about digital marketing?
Understanding How Instagram Users Think
Having an Instagram account might have given your business an edge at one point in the past. Unfortunately, in this day and age where even mom-and-pop stores have a strong social media presence, more needs to be done to make...
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Award-winning digital marketing at MWC Barcelona 2019.
MWC Barcelona: Mobile Innovations to Watch in 2019
MWC Barcelona, previously known as Mobile World Congress, takes place every February in Barcelona. It is the world’s largest mobile technology exhibition in the world. Themed ‘Intelligent Connectivity’, this year’s event focused on the high-speed 5G networks, as well as...
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The unexpected future of digital marketing in Hong Kong with 5g.
The Unprecedented Future with 5G
In its effort to promote the realization of 5G by 2020, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications put together a video clip, titled Connect Future ‘The world connected by 5G’, which offers a glimpse into a future with 5G...
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