August 2019 - New Digital Noise

August 2019

Award-winning digital marketing targeting overseas property buyers in Hong Kong.
Achieve Exponential Growth in Your Overseas Property Business 
The overseas property market used to be dominant by parents who have sent or are planning to send their children to study abroad and those who plan to retire overseas. Not anymore. Hong Kong property investors recognize the stable growth...
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From zero to hero in the award-winning SEO industry of Hong Kong.
How is Digital Marketing Shifting from Fast to Slow?
If you have been in the digital marketing space long enough, you will start to realize that many of your digital marketing strategies are not as effective as 5-6 years ago. Conversion rates have gone down, media spending went up,...
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Award-winning Douyin TikTok marketing campaign in Hong Kong.
Douyin TikTok Marketing Debut in Hong Kong
We are thrilled to announce NDN Group’s latest partnership with GELOS to introduce Douyin (抖音) TikTok marketing to Hong Kong. It is a short video app that has 500 million monthly active users and 250 million daily active users. Brands...
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