October 2019 - New Digital Noise

October 2019

Explore award-winning mobile video marketing.
Boundless Potential: Mobile Video Marketing
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Is mobile video marketing a force to be reckoned with? You bet! Back in 2015, UK adults on average spent 15 minutes on mobile video daily.  The figure is predicted to surge to 58 minutes by 2021, according to eMarketer. A...
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An award-winning campaign management platform providing a better user experience.
Facebook Streamlines Campaign Creation And Management
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Earlier this year, Facebook announced changes to its Ads Manager and Business Manager to improve user experience. These changes include: Simpler design A more streamlined and cleaner Ads Manager interface has been introduced. Its simplified navigation features allow more space...
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Award-winning digital transformation in Hong Kong.
The C-Suite talk: Achieve success at Digital Transformation
Just when you think by now surely all companies have mastered their digital transformation, a recent report by Forrester Consulting suggested otherwise. A mere 5% of organizations said they had successfully made digital an advantage over their competitors. What does a business have...
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