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3 Mins Crash Course on UX/ UI

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You think your users will use what you just built? Hold on a sec.. it might not be as easy as you think. To design the best product customers like, these are the four major steps you need to work on.


“What you think does not really mean what users would think.”

Fully understanding about your audience and the”battlefield” that you are entering is crucial for the success of your project, Yes yes, it is definitely a war zone out there. Knowing your target audience and your competitors can help you get into the mindset of your users.


“Data does not mean information”

After you have absorbed all the information from the market, now you have to dig out what is useful for you and the product/ services that you are building. Persona analysis and customer journey mapping are great ways to understand about the thinking and action process of your audience.


“Design is not just about lines, colors and buttons”

You can now finally start sketching out the buttons and icons based on the list of requirements that you have came up with. Your wireframe can then turn into a functional prototype within a few hours. Really. Building this prototype allows you to see and feel what your end product would look like, before actually spending a long time developing the actual UI layout pages. You can then proceed to UI design.


“You are only halfway done after you have built your product/ services”

So, finally you have arrived at this stage and you are happy that your “baby” is born after all the overnights and sunrises. Are you done? Not yet. Testing is essentially the most important stage. You are actually going to see if your many months of hardwork is actually what users want, need or desire.

Now you think you are done? Still not yet. Only through continuous iterations of the above 4 stages can keep you at the frontier of your market.

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