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3 Must-know Facebook Advertising Tips

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Over the last few years, Facebook has made changes to their algorithms making it more difficult for businesses to reach their audience without advertising. (Of course there’s exceptional cases) Luckily Facebook marketing is a powerful form of online advertising and you can see great results from it. If you’re just getting started, follow our 3 simple tips to get more from your Facebook advertising!

1.Use Custom Audience and Retargeting

With digital advertising, it’s easy to reach a wide audience but you may not see a high return if you are targeting the wrong people. Facebook advertising allows you to create custom audience so that you can target those most likely to become customers.

Facebook also allows for retargeting so you can target individuals who have already shown interest in you and your company. You can create an audience from your email list, from your Facebook fans or individuals who have visited your website. Facebook will even allow you to create lookalike audiences. This allows you to find users who are similar to those who already like your page or subscribe to your emails, which allows you to target individuals who are more likely to become your customer.

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2.Compose the ads: compelling image + benefits + call to action

With any banner advertising, the image is going to be extremely important. Facebook is a very image focused platform so you’ll want an image that stands out. Close up images of people smiling and ads with bright colors do very well on Facebook. Avoid blue and white graphics because they could blend in with Facebook’s color scheme.

Great ad copy is also key with digital advertising. You are limited to the amount of words you are able to use so you must be succinct in your message and still grab attention. We recommend being direct with your copy and explaining exactly what someone can gain from your product. Most importantly, have a great call to action. A call to action is one line of text that instructs the reader to do something in response to your ad. Using words that express urgency or excitement like “Get your copy now!” or “Don’t miss out on the sale” to get your users to act.

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3.Choose proper bidding and budgeting

Facebook is a great choice for online advertising because it has relatively simple buying process. You don’t need advanced marketing knowledge to start using Facebook ads. Facebook is a type of programmatic advertising, which means you can put in your either a daily budget or an overall budget and allow Facebook to manage your ad for you and determine when it will be shown.This way you do not need to be managing your ads 24 hours a day.

You have a few options for choosing how you want to be charged for your Facebook advertising. Similar to traditional banner advertising, you can choose Cost Per Click, where you will be charged for each click your ad receives, or Cost Per Impression, where you will be charged for each impression (or view) your ad receives. What you choose will depend your unique goal and it’s best to identify that goal, whether it’s more Facebook likes, website traffic or actual sales. Facebook has all of these options built into it’s ad platform to make it easier for you to choose your bidding method.

When you first start out, we recommend using a low budget so you can see what works and what doesn’t work for your ads and increase your budget as you start seeing more success. Of course, it takes time and resource to optimize ROI through trial and error. No matter what your goals are, our experienced professionals are always ready to help.

Do you use Facebook advertising? What have you learned from it? We look forward to reading your comments below!

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