4 NFT Marketing Strategies to build buzz for businesses

September 29, 2022

Written by Lulu Lo

Looking for NFT marketing strategies to build buzz for a business? Here are 4 ways to start marketing your brand to get you on the fast lane including community building, PR strategy, influencer marketing, and more.

4 NFT Marketing Strategies to build buzz for businesses

NFTs are the latest marketing craze. They’re taking over the world of business and have gained a lot of hype on social media. But what does this mean for marketers? How to make use of NFT marketing for businesses to build buzz and stand out from the crowd? In this article, we’ll go over 4 NFT marketing strategies that NFT marketers can use to increase revenue, build brand awareness and attract more customers including Discord & Telegram Marketing, Influencer Marketing, NFT events, and paid-ad campaigns.

4 NFT Strategies explained

NFT Marketing Strategy #1: Discord & Telegram Marketing

In the first place, NFT marketers should create an online community that brings audiences together in one place, making them feel like they belong to a group with like-minded goals and aspirations. Other than platforms like common social media or email marketing, Discord, and Telegram allow you to send messages directly to your audience with distinct advantages.

Discord: a platform for real-time communication on diverse topics. People can set up servers or channels for conversations about NFTs and share memes, GIFs, and other images to help advertise them. They can also voice- and video chat, as well as Livestream games from their computers.

Telegram: offers a cloud-based messaging service with multimedia capabilities that lets users send large files. All Telegram messages are encrypted to keep their conversations safe. Telegram marketing makes it easier for brands to reach out to various audience segments and is more accessible anytime, anywhere.

Both apps are trendy channels, allowing chat messages, voice calling over IP, and creating an online private community that gives users  a sense of belonging. Brands could communicate with their customers instantly, offering a new way for marketers to connect with consumers and answer questions in real time. This approach can help bond with customers, increase brand loyalty, and reinforce brand messaging more effectively than traditional marketing methods. 

NFT Marketing Strategy #2: Influencer Marketing

Nowadays, influencer marketing has become a valuable tool in digital marketing. Influencers help businesses reach audiences, boost sales, and produce content that results in business growth.

Influencers in the niche you’re targeting can be a great way to promote your NFT. There’s a sense of community among those who have built up a trusting relationship with their audience by providing investment advice, making their audiences pay more attention when these influencers start talking about your NFT project.

On top of that, there’s still confusion surrounding NFTs and crypto. Influencers can help guide purchasing decisions with their expertise, making audiences feel comfortable navigating the NFT landscape. Here are some notable NFT influencers, capture the attention of target demographics:

Influencer examples

Twitter influencer #1 – @Dikasso_
Number of followers: 29K Followers
Dikasso is a popular NFT collector known for his love of spending money on the Top NFT marketplace Rarible.

Image of IAmDikasso.eth at Twitter via twitter.com

Twitter influencer #2 – @DeezeFi
Number of followers: 231.4K Followers
The founder of the NeonsDAO and collector of the world’s most delicate NFT art pieces that can be used in Metaverse.

Image of DeeZe at Twitter via twitter.com

Instagram influencer #1 – @Nftoftheday
Number of followers: 63K Followers
Focusing on education and providing information about upcoming NFT projects and the latest NFT news.

Image of nftoftheday at Instagram via instagram.com

Instagram influencer #2 – @mattmedved
Number of followers: 63K Followers
Co-Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of nft now, the premier web3 digital media platform for NFT coverage and curation.

Image of Matt Medved at Instagram via instagram.com

Youtube influencer #1 – NFT TIMES
Number of subscribers: 58.8K Followers
Owned by Mr Fungible, an expert in digital marketing who works closely with businesses, influencers, digital artists, and creators to turn content into revenue.

Image of NFT TIMES at Youtube via youtube.com

YouTube influencer #2 – Max Maher
Number of subscribers: 894K Followers
An entrepreneur, content creator, and owner of Skinny Wimp Moving and PoolsMax, LLC, documenting his business and ideas on Youtube.

Image of Max Maher at Youtube via youtube.com

NFT Marketing Strategy #3: Event marketing

Creating events to boost NFT hype is another key element of NFT marketing plan. To create an event, you must decide what kind of experience you want to offer your audience. Based on business goals, you can design events to appeal to prospective customers. It’s crucial to choose the proper format for your event—for instance, promotional giveaways and live streams are great ways to reach a targeted audience and raise awareness about your brand.

NFT Event Example #1: Pre-launch giveaways

Free giveaways are a proven practice to build hype around your product or service before launch. It also helps get new customers and build up your list. By giving away items that people want, such as limited edition merch or access to exclusive content, you can build excitement about your NFT project without spending much money at all.

NFT Event Example #2: Live streaming events

Live-streaming events are a considerable method for businesses to interact directly with customers and give them a chance to ask questions about upcoming NFT products. A live stream is also a way to share behind-the-scenes footage from production processes or other aspects of running a business that wouldn’t be delivered to customers often.

NFT Marketing Strategy #3: Paid-ad Platform

Digital advertising platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, and other services can help NFT marketers reach a wider audience and target their ideal customers, giving your business an active online presence.

Except for the traditional paid-ad platform, with the help of a new NFT advertising tool like NFT Pump, brands and publishers drive high traffic through viral NFT community promotion, Twitter promotion, and genuine user engagement.

NFT Drop Calendar like NFT Evening is also a useful tool. It covers the most astonishing drops and events, helping your NFT collections gain more exposure than they could by creating a website or selling them on any NFT marketplace.

Moreover, a well-executed PR strategy is a critical component of an NFT marketing campaign. Being featured in publications helps you reach millions of people who are interested in the NFT space, communicating and engaging with them in the most captivating way. It also helps establish niche authority, maintaining a solid presence in the market.

Digital Marketing Agency in Hong Kong with NFT Marketing service

In the future, NFT marketers will be able to reach out and engage younger customers in ground-breaking NFT strategies with revenue opportunities.

However, building Metaverse or NFT marketing strategies can be a daunting task without full-stack technologies and talents. Backed by artificial intelligence, green blockchain, and NFT marketing technologies, the Hong Kong agency New Digital Noise is here to help you master Metaverse and NFT projects from start to finish. We have your back from integrated Web 3 marketing and NFT marketing plan to launching and promoting the projects! Contact us now if you want to learn more!


Q1. What are NFT and crypto influencers?

Influencers in the crypto and NFT space are often traders who create content about cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). They break down complex topics in ways that even the most inexperienced viewer can understand. Many creators also offer trading tips on up-and-coming coins and tokens and keep their audiences up to speed on all the latest crypto trends.

The other influencers in this new economy are the artists who create the tokens. Many were already accomplished digital artists even before the NFT boom and now offer their audience a look into their creative process and tease upcoming releases.

Q2. How did NFT come to be so popular?

NFTs are the hottest thing in crypto right now. Several factors are responsible for their rise in popularity. Not only NFTs are backed by blockchain, but also being launched by some of the world’s biggest brands and events such as The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, Coca-cola, and Nike.

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