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4 Questions Your Boss is Going to Ask You About Digital Marketing

4 award-winning SEO questions your boss will ask about digital marketing in Hong Kong.

Anyone in business knows the higher up you get in a company, the less it is about the little details and more about the digital strategy. But when it comes to digital marketing, many companies want to hear what the return on investment, how it is helping the business, and why they should continue to pay for it. Your boss cares less about the little details and just wants the big picture. Many times your boss will have plenty of prepared questions they want you to cover in your meeting. These questions include:

1. How much is this costing me?

Instead of answering this question point blank, give them the stats first including:

  • What is our cost per lead?
  • How many leads are we generating?

When it comes to these statistics, you are going to want to give them the number of leads your digital marketing efforts are generating and how much you are spending overall. This lets them compare it to their traditional marketing and sales acquisition cost to see if it is better or worse. We suggest you also know these numbers to be able to compare them, in order to come up with a digital marketing budget.

2. What is working?

When it comes to your digital marketing efforts this can be a loaded question. It is best to keep it to terms your boss will understand. Using a bunch of acronyms like PPC, SEOSEM, and SMM can only lead to additional questions. You also want to make sure you are only describing the pieces that are working. You don’t have to include all the modern techniques that have either failed or you are considering trying. If you think it will succeed, your boss will too.

3. Why should I care about digital marketing?

Depending on the type of boss you have, some will care about your digital marketing efforts and others will not. More and more companies are starting to realize the power of digital marketing. But if you have a boss that asks this question, it is best to be prepared with a short simple answer, that is in terms they will understand.

A few example answers could be:

  • Digital marketing is a great way to interact and engage with your customers on a new level.
  • More and more customers are looking online for information about products and services and we want to make sure that our information is available to them.
  • Customers are more likely to purchase from a company that has a current digital presence including social media sites and a blog.

4. How are you making a difference when it comes to our digital marketing strategy?

This may seem like a curveball question and that is exactly what your boss is hoping for, to catch you off your game. Many presenters choose to not touch this question because the answer seems obvious to them. But by not having an answer prepared, your boss may feel he can replace you with someone else who can do it for much less, for example, an intern. This is your opportunity to tell him how you are contributing to the bottom line and how your unique knowledge of digital marketing applies directly to your industry. Your boss will appreciate how you tied back your knowledge specifically to your company’s statistics and industry.

As a digital marketing agency, we have prepared many of our clients for this discussion with their boss. We understand that the higher you go in a company; the more focus is put on the bottom line. That is why we make sure our clients have solid, measurable goals that are set for them to be able to take back to their boss and prove the value of digital marketing.

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