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Achieve Viral Marketing on WeChat with H5 Campaigns

Wechat digital marketing campaigns in Hong Kong.

The latest WeChat Spring Festival data report claims their daily active users reached 1 billion, hitting its peak during Lunar New Year’s Eve. The legendary app began 8 years ago, transforming from a messaging app to the biggest all-in-one social and marketing platform in China.

Earlier in February, we’ve helped KURZ Group, a worldwide leader in hot stamping technologies from Germany, to launch a CNY engagement campaign via H5 pages – the most prevalent WeChat interactive platform for campaigns dedicated to branding, events or specific products.


KURZ Group is not new to the Chinese Market nor WeChat; it owns an official page and an e-store on the social media platform to drive online sales. This year, our partner had their eyes on a seasonal campaign, with clear objectives on increasing exposure and engagement with fans during CNY.

Our team in Shanghai customized a red packet giveaway campaign, combining the traditions of giving red packets and the popular WeChat hongbao feature. The campaign boasted an impressive increase in engagement within 5 days.

A mobile shaking trigger was incorporated to add flavors to the game, meaning that a mobile shake was needed to open the red packet and receive the gift. To enter the giveaway, users were also required to fill in basic contact information for us, providing access to meaningful user data for sales leads.

H5 entertaining features

H5 is basically a marketing mobile webpage shared among friends on WeChat. Alongside interactive graphics and videos, H5 supports a wide range of designs and formats to appeal to your audience, e.g. animations, festive greetings and games. You may also incorporate external page links to an official webpage or shopping websites to drive organic traffic and boost sales.

Data tracking

H5 provides tracking of user activity and profile data via WeChat analytical tools, showing traffic sources and demographics of viewers like gender, language and the province they are located. It also includes performance indicators such as views, frequency of interactions over and change in the number of followers.

The aim of your H5 campaign design is to make the page shareworthy – get as creative and fun as possible. Whether you have questions on WeChat marketing or genius ideas on your next H5 campaign, we’re all ears and ready to help.

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