AI and Business Growth: Unlocking Potential with Artificial Intelligence

Business Growth Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software

Digital entrepreneur forum in Hong Kong embracing change in the era of artificial intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sparking off a new wave of disruption that comes at a skyrocketing pace — inventing new business models, reshaping industries, and building the impossible. As a forward-thinking business leader, how would you harness the change?

Cyberport’s Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum brought together inspiring minds on 1 February 2018, where they envisaged ways to embrace change in the new era of AI. Twelve key speakers from different sectors spoke to an audience of 450 about the practical implications of AI from technology, change management and investment perspectives.

NDN Group was one of the participating technopreneurs to showcase our innovative solutions at the Forum as well as sharing our views on the future of AI. AI, more specifically Chatbot applications, can help automate our businesses, driving cost down as well as improving productivity and efficiency of our business operations.

There is no lack of readily-available AI applications in the market, but none are viable unless fully-adapted to individual businesses’ existing processes. At NDN, we help corporate customised chatbots to solve problems and grow business.

Armed with AI machine-learning technology, we’ve integrated chatbots with the ability to process natural language. As AI progresses, chatbots will become more skilled in natural communication, emotional intelligence and data analysis.

With all the big data we are creating, improvements in algorithms will transform AI from a tool that the brightest companies use to gain a competitive advantage today to one that is required simply to survive in business. It’s time to embrace the change and unlock the full potential of AI technology for your business.

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