What is award-winning WeChat marketing?
What is WeChat Marketing?
Is your business looking to drive direct customer engagement with Chinese audiences? Whether you want to enter the China market or reach out to Chinese consumers, one of the most effective WeChat marketing strategy is to adopt the region’s most...
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Integrating WeChat mini programs for digital marketing in Hong Kong.
Power Up E-commerce with WeChat Mini Programs
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Moving beyond social networking, WeChat has transformed itself into an enclosed, all-in-one platform with the new function ⁠— WeChat Mini Program. It takes pride in enhanced features ranging from e-commerce, games and news within the social networking app. In July 2019, we’ve...
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Chinese social media platform with award-winning features and optimized for SEO.
Top 10 Chinese Social Media and Western Equivalents
You have a product that is sure to sweep customers in China off their feet. Your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have always helped you reach out to customers everywhere else in the world, but if you think you can pull...
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