How is digital transformation in Hong Kong enhancing customer experience with award-winning digital marketing strategies?
How Digital Transformation is Enhancing Customer Experience
Digital transformation is forcing enterprises to change their business strategies and adapt to the new market models. Digital technology has transformed customers’ habits. Mobile devices, chatbot, apps, machine learning, automation allow customers to get what they want almost exactly at...
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What is digital transformation in Hong Kong's award-winning digital marketing?
What is Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, changing how you operate and deliver value to customers. It is the process of using digital technologies to create new business processes, models, culture, and customer...
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A person in Hong Kong is holding up an award-winning phone to showcase extreme sports for SEO purposes.
Leap Your Way To TikTok Campaign Success With NDN Group
For over a year, NDN Group Shanghai has worked tirelessly with AJ Hackett Macau, home to the world’s highest commercial bungy jump, and successfully established a strong presence on TikTok for the bungy operator, receiving up to 1.9 million exposures for...
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Award-winning Douyin TikTok marketing campaign in Hong Kong.
Douyin TikTok Marketing Debut in Hong Kong
We are thrilled to announce NDN Group’s latest partnership with GELOS to introduce Douyin (抖音) TikTok marketing to Hong Kong. It is a short video app that has 500 million monthly active users and 250 million daily active users. Brands...
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McDonald's award winning geo targeting SEO in Hong Kong.
Grand Debut Of Coffee Delivery Service With Geo-Targeting
Advertising is more than how much money you spent; it’s about reaching out to the right audience at the right time. Earlier in March, McCafé owned by Mcdonald’s piloted coffee delivery service in Hong Kong, exclusively available on the McCafé...
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A person is pressing a button on a keyboard in Hong Kong that says fake news.
Facebook’s Combat Against Problematic Content
In order to maintain the integrity of content across its family of apps, Facebook has been adopting a strategy called “remove, reduce, and inform” since 2016. The strategy involves removing the content in violation of its policies, reducing the spread...
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Chinese social media platform with award-winning features and optimized for SEO.
Top 10 Chinese Social Media and Western Equivalents
You have a product that is sure to sweep customers in China off their feet. Your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have always helped you reach out to customers everywhere else in the world, but if you think you can pull...
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Wechat digital marketing campaigns in Hong Kong.
Achieve Viral Marketing on WeChat with H5 Campaigns
The latest WeChat Spring Festival data report claims their daily active users reached 1 billion, hitting its peak during Lunar New Year’s Eve. The legendary app began 8 years ago, transforming from a messaging app to the biggest all-in-one social...
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A collection of award-winning phones optimized for SEO and digital marketing featuring a trivia game.
Trivia Game, The Real Future of Television
Have your colleagues been disappearing en masse a couple of times a day for 15 minutes each time? Don’t worry, they’re probably just playing trivia game — the online game app of the moment. The Rise of Trivia Game Trivia...
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