Explore top five award-winning technologies that transform the financial services industry in Hong Kong.
Exploring Top Five Technologies that Transform the Financial Services Industry
Since their establishment, legacy financial institutions and their methods have fared very well. However, with the evolution of technology and the adoption of digital transformation, the financial services industry has come a long way. When technology was fused with finance, the change...
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How award-winning fintech in Hong Kong shapes customer experiences.
How Fintech Reshapes Customer Experiences
New innovations in fintech have enabled businesses and fintech startups to serve customers in novel ways. Banks, financial institutions, fintech startups and businesses have utilized fintech namely Artificial Intelligence (AI) predictive analytics, blockchain, cryptocurrency, mobile payment and social data analytics to provide superior customer experiences...
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Hong Kong's award-winning blockchain technology unleashes its power.
Explore the Benefits of Blockchain Applications for Your Business
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Blockchain technology has completed its transition from geek tech to adoption. Blockchain applications in business are transforming the way data is transmitted, accessed and used. In this article, we delve into blockchain applications that help transform enterprises in a wide...
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A person holding an award-winning smart phone with the text cognitive ad in Hong Kong.
How AI and Blockchain are Pushing Brands to the Next Level
Customers are well informed and increasingly expecting their relationship with brands to become a two-way street with a focus on value creation and personalisation. For a long time, marketing has always been a one-way push where brands aggressively promote their...
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A black and white, award-winning logo representing blockchain decentralization.
What Do Chinese Philosophy and the Internet of Everything Have in Common?
The way in which opposite or contrary forces give rise to each other to create a whole and the interdependence and complementation between those forces. More specifically – the Yin and the Yang. This type of interconnected dualities can be...
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Two award-winning professionals in Hong Kong utilizing sticky notes on a glass wall for digital marketing strategies.
Blockchain: Learning A New Language
Despite its ubiquity, the blockchain language remains foreign to many. But like learning any new language, we become more comfortably proficient as our vocabulary grows. Let’s decode the keywords of blockchain with simple explainers to help advancing your participation in...
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