Boosting Your ROI with Cognitive Ad - New Digital Noise
Award-winning cognitive ad brings chatbot functions to banner in Hong Kong.

Cognitive technology is taking the marketing community by storm. While it was dubbed by leading analyst firm Gartner as a disruptive platform “with a shift more impactful than many other technologies in the past 20 years”, marketers at large remain at a loss as to how they can utilise the technology to its full potential.

In partnership with Hotmob and NOIZchain, we introduce Cognitive Ad, a new online banner ad that truly helps marketers reach customers on their terms. The revolutionary ad banner incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot into its layout, which is capable of engaging potential customers and learning their consumption preferences through one-on-one dialogues.

Designed to simulate typed human conversations, this on-ad chatbot asks relevant questions and interacts with potential consumers to understand their consumption concerns and interests. For example, a Cognitive Ad designed for travel agencies may enquire consumers about their desired travel destinations and follow up with questions and responses to introduce their brand and services. With considerable flexibility in the content design of the virtual dialogues, brands can even add sales and e-commerce elements into the dialogue, allowing consumers to make a purchase on the spot, thereby boosting sales.

While the design of the interactive content requires manual efforts, the cognitive element comes into play when the chatbot starts learning consumers’ preferences and habits from their responses automatically. In the future, the ad will be able to cater to advertisements that are specific to the consumers. With increasing engagement, brands will gain customer loyalty through progressively relevant and focused interactions.

The collection of consumer data facilitates a more precise targeting, thereby ensuring a better chance of cross-selling, up-selling and closing the sale. If you are interested to learn more about this product, contact us and we can share more details.

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