Brand Affinity Marketing: How To Build A Brand People Love?

November 3, 2022

Written by Jhasmin Vidal

Brand Affinity

We know that consumers are loyal to specific brands because of their emotional connection to them. We’ve known this for a couple of decades now. However, since we are more connected than ever, brands are required to put in more effort.

People rely more on products that their family, friends, or even co-workers recommend to them. That is why building a brand doesn’t only mean putting your products out there. It also means influencing how people speak about your business to others.

Advertising Doesn’t Make People Like You

Running ads is an amazing marketing tool. It helps businesses like yours get their products and services out there to those who need them.

It does not, however, make people like you or your brand.

The internet is already saturated with ads in all forms, like text, images, and videos. As a result, users started to hate ads and have become adept at mentally ignoring them.

Exposing your target audience to a catchy tagline or 10-second video no longer works today.

But it’s how we try to build brands.

We understand that this strategy has become the norm and that most businesses use it. They create a few creative assets and pay Google or Facebook to rub those assets in their target audience’s faces, hoping for love at first sight.

However, as you realized when you read that out loud, ads are more irritating than pleasing.

Obviously, there are exceptions to any rule. Rarely, a campaign will have a significant impact on a company’s reputation by going viral and attaining PR success, but they are extremely expensive and extremely rare.

However, the vast majority of advertising campaigns have very little of a real effect on the respect and love that people have for a company. 

Distribution systems use metrics like impressions, clicks, and views to quantify success in an effort to mask this issue by giving passing interactions the same weight as genuine engagements.

The number of impressions does not equal the number of people impressed.

That’s why building a brand people trust and like is important. But how are you going to achieve that?
I have two words for you. Brand Affinity.

What Exactly Is Brand Affinity?

Consider the awareness and affinity of your brand. Awareness is people knowing your brand, while Affinity means people know your brand and actually care about it. We believe that the “affinity” part of the brand equation requires more attention from companies.

Affinity is the result of all of a customer’s engagement with your company, including support, sales, website use, and more, as well as how those interactions make them feel.

Brand affinity occurs when all of these touchpoints work together to make people like your brand so much that they tell their friends and coworkers about it.

However, you must first acquire customers before they even enter your ecosystem. The majority of us rely on digital advertising to do that, but at their best, advertisements interrupt, and at their worst, they are quite annoying. 

How then do you spark attention without excessively relying on ads?

In the present corporate environment, we need a fresh approach to marketing to prospective customers that connects with them deeply and personally. This is where Brand Affinity Marketing comes in.

What Is Brand Affinity Marketing and How Does It Work?

Brand affinity marketing is a type of marketing where companies use high-quality or binge-worthy content to improve how their target market views and values their brand.

Using strategies that are intended to maximize conversions and impressions won’t help you develop a relationship of trust and love with your audience. You must actively encourage consumers to interact with your brand if you want to develop brand affinity.

This strategy is based on the basic notion that, in today’s marketing world, resonance counts far more than reach.

Businesses need to concentrate on producing content that improves the lives of their audiences rather than just trying to move them down the sales funnel. 

This is how you’ll establish resonance with them. And, given the amount of entertaining media available today, it’s critical that your content is not just good but also focused on attracting the best niche within your consumer base.

You can then promote that content to your niche, like a media company. As a result, you’ll drive deep engagement and, eventually, increase brand affinity.

Fortunately, a ton of companies are already producing content similar to this with the aim of increasing affinity. Therefore, you can look to a ton of podcasts, novels, video series, and more for inspiration.

The good news is that smaller consumer brands are also engaging in it. B2C businesses like Red Bull, HP, and others, as well as B2B businesses like Mailchimp, are all making investments in producing binge-worthy content.

How does New Digital Noise help businesses with their Brand Affinity Marketing?

The New Digital Noise consists of different experts for different things. We are a one-stop shop for all of your marketing needs. 

We have experts in content writing, graphic design, video production, and others that can help you plan and design your own binge-worthy content for your brand affinity marketing strategy.

We can provide you with support every step of the way. You can sit back and relax while we do the heavy lifting. Just feel free to contact us anytime!

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