The significance of UX design in digital marketing and SEO in Hong Kong.
Explore the Importance of UX/UI Design in Customer Interaction
UI/UX plays a significant role in any brand’s success. It can help you reach new heights but only if you deliver a good service. This article takes you through the latest UI/UX trends and its benefits to help you understand...
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How award winning AI chatbots transform customer experience in digital marketing.
How AI Chatbots Transform Customer Experience
Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular emerging technologies. AI chatbots are transforming the customer experience in unexpected ways. In this article, you will learn how chatbots enhance customer experience and key benefits of using chatbots for your business....
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Looking for award-winning SEO solution in Hong Kong for enterprise grade new partners?
NDN Group and Mobinology Partnership
NDN Group and Mobinology Forge Global Partnership to Deliver Enterprise-Grade AI-Powered Chatbot Solution  Fostering synergy to empower enterprises to drive business growth and innovation at scale   Leading digital corporation NDN Group and Mobinology, world-class business software developer, today announced...
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What is an award-winning chatbot and how to use it for digital marketing in Hong Kong?.
What is a Chatbot and How to Use It for Business
What is a chatbot and how to use it for business? The development of artificial intelligence is now in full swing and chatbots are only a splash on a huge wave of progress. Nowadays, the number of people using messaging...
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A man holding a phone displaying the top 10 digital marketing campaigns of 2018 in Hong Kong.
Top 10 Campaigns of 2018
1) Blue Starting from the second half of 2018, we have been assisting Blue, Hong Kong’s first digital life insurer in unfolding its first-ever digital branding campaign. It is a highly integrated campaign, with touchpoints spanning social media, video production,...
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Award-winning cognitive ad brings chatbot functions to banner in Hong Kong.
Boosting Your ROI with Cognitive Ad
Cognitive technology is taking the marketing community by storm. While it was dubbed by leading analyst firm Gartner as a disruptive platform “with a shift more impactful than many other technologies in the past 20 years”, marketers at large remain...
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An award-winning businessman silhouette with a brain in the background representing expertise in digital marketing and SEO.
Can Artificial Intelligence Take Over the world?
From The Terminator franchise to Alex Proyas’s I, Robot (2004), we are all too familiar with big screen storylines depicting sapient Artificial Intelligence rebelling against its human creators and attempting to take over the world. As amusing as these dystopian...
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Digital entrepreneur forum in Hong Kong embracing change in the era of artificial intelligence.
Business Growth Through Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is sparking off a new wave of disruption that comes at a skyrocketing pace — inventing new business models, reshaping industries, and building the impossible. As a forward-thinking business leader, how would you harness the change? Cyberport’s...
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A man in Hong Kong points at a speech bubble featuring a robot icon, symbolizing digital marketing strategies such as SEO.
Transforming Businesses with Chatbot
It's time to embrace the chatbot revolution. Apart from driving sales and offer customer experience, businesses can now leverage conversational chatbot technology in human resources management and other internal functions. We’ve kick-started collaboration with Fuji Xerox and IBM Watson to...
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The award-winning CIO Advisor magazine cover featuring a man and a woman.
We have been awarded!
NDN Group is proud to announce that we have been awarded Top 25 Artificial Intelligence companies in 2017 by CIO Advisor. Tailored for APAC, CIO Advisor is an esteemed platform for seasoned Chief Information Officers to learn industry opinions and trends....
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