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Creative Split Testing and Project Mockup

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Facebook has just upscaled A/B tests with a creative split testing function in Ads Manager this November. This particular function helps test different creative variations — from ad formats, visuals, headlines, to call to action — to check which version drives the best results. In split testing, each user will only see one version of the ad to ensure the most accurate results. At the end of a split test, advertisers will learn which ad performs better and are better-equipped with marketing information.

Facebook is also rolling out another new set of tools to help marketing team members organize and share mockups within projects, allowing them to collaborate more effectively.

Creative Hub helps them mockup Facebook and Instagram ads that display on all mobile and desktop platforms. Whenever the Business Manager is enabled, the Creative Hub tool can be used to create amazing projects. Below is a summary of Facebook’s note for Creative Hub’s added features:

1. Organise and Share Projects

Now, you are able to organize your mockups into projects and multiple teammates will be able to work on a single mock-up simultaneously.

2. Deliver Ads

Mocked ads can now be shared with media teams and partner agencies, and sent live with the click of a button, removing the need to rebuild ad creative every time. This simplifies delivery (no more emails, zip files, and excel spreadsheets), removes any risks associated with rebuilding creative, and streamlines these workflows — bye emails!

3. Experiment with formats and placements

While we all thought Instagram Stories are spontaneous and go in a blink of an eye, who knows they can be mocked up at Creative Hub too? Now we can preview Instagram mock-ups on mobile and mock-up Instagram Stories.

4. More inspiration and motivation

Facebook has always had an inspiration gallery to support Collection and Instagram Stories, as well as new filtering options for videos over and under 15 seconds in length. A new ad format gallery is also in place to help you understand the specifications and recommendations associated with Facebook’s platforms.

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