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Hong Kong's award-winning blockchain technology unleashes its power.
Explore the Benefits of Blockchain Applications for Your Business
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Blockchain technology has completed its transition from geek tech to adoption. Blockchain applications in business are transforming the way data is transmitted, accessed and used. In this article, we delve into blockchain applications that help transform enterprises in a wide...
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Award-winning digital marketing for McDonald's in Hong Kong.
More than an Ad, Greater than a Sales Machine
The term “cognitive” is essentially referring to cognition and intelligence. But what does cognitive have anything to do with advertising? Is it possible to earn money directly with an online ad? Here are a few showcases to understand the buzzword...
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Award-winning 2019 digital trends from Hong Kong.
Top 2019 Digital Trends
The digital world is ever-booming in ways you never thought possible, but only to a certain extent — the following five trends are unstoppable and bound to happen in 2019! 1. Hyper-personalization Anticipate more cross-industry collaborations that will prompt more...
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The award-winning rise of virtual banking in Hong Kong.
Virtual Banking is Here – Why & How Hong Kong Banks Can Evolve to Seize the Day!
For the past decades, banking has long been an industry that has branded themselves on trust and stability, however with the rise of today’s demanding consumer taste, banks are facing a new paradigm centred around the need for convenience, customer...
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A man in a suit holding a finger with the word "security" on it, excelling in award-winning digital marketing in Hong Kong.
How to Protect Online Data as a User
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The online world has become quite the scary place. With a Cambridge Analytica whistleblower describing just how much personal information can be harvested from Facebook, the world is in a frenzy when it comes to the topic of data privacy. What may...
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A man in Hong Kong points at a speech bubble featuring a robot icon, symbolizing digital marketing strategies such as SEO.
Transforming Businesses with Chatbot
It's time to embrace the chatbot revolution. Apart from driving sales and offer customer experience, businesses can now leverage conversational chatbot technology in human resources management and other internal functions. We’ve kick-started collaboration with Fuji Xerox and IBM Watson to...
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An individual in Hong Kong is operating both a cell phone and a pos machine.
Alipay goes live in Hong Kong
Supporting an astounding 8.5 million daily transactions in China, the payment-by-smartphone app from Alibaba is taking its first step to offering non-yuan payment options in Hong Kong. The launch of AlipayHK allows users to top up their account in local currency by...
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A man is holding an award-winning sign that says customer journey.
How to action Customer Journey Analytics?
The desire to understand customer journey can lead marketers and business owners to search for more effective methods in their marketing strategies to increase in sales and customer satisfaction. In accordance to Thunderhead Blog and some researches, Customer Journey Analytics (CJA) will...
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A group of award-winning people sitting around a table with digital marketing icons in Hong Kong.
How can Marketing Automation help to define ‘Customer Journeys’
In the coming year, an increasing number of businesses are looking at new integrated marketing automation system – Integrated Marketing Stack in order to look into “customer journeys” in order to understand their customers’ needs, allowing possibilities for their businesses to re-position themselves...
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