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Drive Business on Xiaohongshu for Year-end & Chinese New Year Seasons in 2024

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As the recent Chinese Golden Week, one of the year’s peak holiday travel periods, has concluded. We’re excited to share how NDN Group’s Shanghai and Hong Kong teams successfully harnessed the influencer prowess of Xiaohongshu to empower premium brands in attracting mainland tourists eager for new experiences.

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With over 1 million travelers from the mainland during the holiday, this surge represents an immense potential customer base for your business expansion.

NDN Group has a proven track record of helping notable brands such as Macau Tower, Prince Jewellery, and PMQ attract mainland visitors to venues and shops during this crucial period.

Understanding HK Brands: NDN Group profoundly understands the unique needs and cultural nuances of Hong Kong brands, bridging the gap between Hong Kong and China.

A Decade of Collaboration: Our Shanghai and Hong Kong teams have collaborated closely for 11 years, ensuring seamless local planning and execution to capture mainland tourists.

Advertising Expertise: We boast an in-depth understanding of mainland advertising rules, guaranteeing legally compliant content.

Xiaohongshu Opportunities: Xiaohongshu serves as the primary platform for Chinese travelers researching excursions. Through strategic KOL activations, captivating photoshoots, and immersive content, we craft itineraries focused on shopping, dining, and culture to attract visitors.

As we look ahead to the Year-end and Chinese New Year seasons, it’s crucial to seize the opportunity to optimize your brand messaging and capture the surge in domestic tourism spending. Contact us today for a free consultation, and prepare to target mainland travelers, gearing up for the upcoming holiday season.

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