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Entering the China Market via WeChat as a Hong Kong Brand

Two SEO-optimized rings featuring the word princesae, perfect for digital marketing in Hong Kong.

For a Hong Kong brand, it can be difficult entering the China market due to major cultural differences between Mainland China and Hong Kong. These differences, ranging from language to legal systems, lead to distinct consumer behaviour in both markets. This explains why Hong Kong brands often have a hard time cracking into the Mainland China market.

Starting from 2017, New Digital Noise has been helping Prince Jewellery and Watch, one of our local clients, to gain presence in the Mainland market. With local teams in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we are able to devise separate social media and digital marketing strategies that fit respective markets.

Established in Hong Kong since 1984, Prince Jewellery and Watch is a renowned seller of prestigious brand-name timepieces and high jewellery. Focusing mainly on Facebook, the brand’s Hong Kong strategy is more lifestyle-driven, introducing the exquisite designs carried by the brand through topics inspired by day-to-day life.

It is crucial for Hong Kong brands to identify with mainland consumer tastes in order to tap into the market. And when it comes to luxury watches and jewellery, Prince’s target audience prefers practical information with no-nonsense. Our Shanghai team has curated a series of straightforward, product-driven content on Prince’s official Wechat account, most of them with readily-available pricing for followers.

Brands open up immense market opportunities via WeChat given its abounding users. As of September 2017, there was an average of 902 million logged in users daily and 797 million monthly active official account users. It is predicted that the number will only keep rising in 2018. Explore your opportunities and come chat with us if you wish to know more about digital marketing strategies tailored to the Mainland market.

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