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Facebook New Features: To further enhance digital experience

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The recent launch of four Facebook new features: Reactions, Instant Articles, Live Streaming and Canvas to further enhance digital experience for businesses and individuals.

Facebook New Features #1: Reactions

Expanding beyond “Like”, Facebook users can now react to and express with more emotions. Brands and marketers can better monitor social sentiment and understand how people are responding to the content.


#2 Instant Articles: Mobile Publishing Format

Instant Articles natively hosts publishers’ content to deliver fast and interactive articles on Mobile News Feed. It will save readers the hassle of clicking out to mobile websites and save publishers from losing readers from long loading time. Facebook will give publishers 100% of the ad revenue.

At Facebook’s F8 conference on April 12th, Instant Articles will be open up to all publishers. Digital publishing will be revolutionized, together with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Apple News.

#3 Live Streaming

Live Streaming was previously limited to Facebook Mentions only, and is now open to everyone. With these media tools made available for everyone, individuals can create their own media, build up their personal branding and also monetizing their content.

General Manager of New Digital Noise, Paula Yang says, “Live Streaming and Instant Articles will further revolutionize the media landscape, from ‘one to all’ of conventional broadcast to ‘all to all’ self-media.This also implies that marketers can consolidate their own media.”

“We expect that live streaming will be extended to Facebook pages and will revolutionize how brands interact with its customers. It will be experimental at first and will bring real-time marketing to a whole new level,” Paula continues.

#4 Canvas: Interactive Mobile Ads

Canvas offers rich media ads for businesses and marketers to tell their stories through animation, slideshows, still images and call-to-action buttons.

“With the rise of ephemeral media like Snapchat and fast-growing Instagram, Facebook is constantly launching new features to retain its users and to accommodate the increasing mobile usage. It will keep the social media audiences engaged.” says Paula.

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