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Fight For Show

A person holding an award-winning camera in Hong Kong.

Life after school can be quite challenging. Allowing youth to work on fun projects in groups is a good way to build their confidence and prepare them for future endeavours.

Fight For Show is a non-profit organisation that promotes social integration and helps youth prepare for adulthood. It invited students from 20 local high schools to participate in a special filmmaking programme, where participants will plan, produce and market their own mini-movie about social integration.

The films are set to release in 2019 and 2020. But before that, a lot of coaching has to be done, from learning the ins and outs of the movie business, to the how-tos of promoting the film. New Digital Noise is thrilled to play a part in this meaningful project and offer our expertise in marketing the students’ brainchild online. Our Associate Account Director, John Leung will be hosting a social media marketing workshop in November.

Youth empowerment has always been what New Digital Noise is passionate about. It is hoped that our sharing will encourage, motivate and inspire the youth of today and aspire them to become leaders of tomorrow.

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