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Five Digital Payment Trends for Next Decade

Five award-winning digital payment trends for the next decade, including innovative solutions in Hong Kong.

The next decade marks an incredibly important time for the digital payment industry. We are looking at not just remodelling of the current digital payment system but also a massive wave of advanced digitization and a heightened focus on digital payment experience. Online payment systems, cryptocurrency, improved fraud prevention, and more will be the prime focus in the next decade. A revolutionary global effect has been made by mobile apps like Pay2Go and PayPal on the way to make mobile payments. Banks, financial institutions, fintech enterprises have been benefitting from open APIs and fintech megatrends and applications while fintech has transformed the financial services industry immensely. Here are the most crucial five digital payment trends that are set to revolutionize the industry even further.

1. Rise of bundled financial services

Mobile payment apps are set to highlight a single interface for multiple bank accounts.

In the wake of a fast-moving world that’s increasingly looking to add as much convenience and ease to their lives, people are looking to do more in one single go. This need to do more is where bundled financial services will come into play. We will soon be using mobile payment apps with a single interface for multiple cards and bank accounts. Users can easily switch from one bank account to the other using a single tap.

Users will be able to view aggregated information and easily switch between one account to the other seamlessly. Such bundled services add additional value to the user’s experience of digital payments and help them pay as they go. Users won’t have to log into multiple online payment gateways to get the job done.

2. Widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies in mainstream digital payments

Cryptocurrency becomes one of hottest trends in the digital and mobile payments.

How Bitcoin transactions work is no secret to the world anymore. This decentralized platform of digital payment was adopted and rejected alike. However, cryptocurrency has continued to become a rising point of interest in the digital payment industry since it is not and cannot be regulated by a central financial institution.</p.

With Bitcoin becoming more energy-efficient and fast, it is expected to gain more widespread adoption in mainstream digital mobile payment methods. The adoption of cryptocurrency is already picking up speed in the countries where Bitcoin is accepted. Moreover, it’s not just Bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies that are expected to serve as great digital wallets shortly. They offer higher security (two-factor authentication) than credit cards and are also decentralized. Thus, traditional financial institutions won’t be able to restrict its price movements.

Plus, they also won’t have any control over transaction or processing fees when making payments via cryptocurrencies, thus eliminating these extra charges. Soon, this innovatively creative online payment system will witness a boost in its performance and usage.

New approaches for fraud prevention and heightened security

Customers scan a QR code with their smartphones from businesses and make digital payments instantly.

It won’t be long before the only digital payment infrastructure used globally would be a smartphone with a QR code. Payment providers, central banks, and several other financial institutions are looking towards giving users the simple ability to scan a QR code on their phones and make instant digital payments. The usage of these QR codes isn’t just limited to in-store purchases.

Users would soon be able to scan a QR code on their favorite e-commerce site on the laptop and initiate a payment without logging into or redirecting to cumbersome online payment gateways. This digital payment method would make the process quicker and easier, with meager chances of fraud or failed payments. Plus, eliminating the need to utilize an online payment gateway for every little transaction would also enhance the overall user experience.


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