From A to Z: 6 essentials of outstanding NFT drop

September 27, 2022

Written by Lulu Lo

How can you stand out from other NFTs drops? Check out the first-hand tips from NFT marketing agency in Hong Kong for making a successful NFT drop, including storytelling, NFT plan and features, blockchain & marketplace selection, benefits, community involvement and so on.

From A to Z: 6 essentials of outstanding NFT drops

NFTs are a hot category of collectible digital assets, with millions of users and many mainstream businesses jumping into the heat. However, when you want to find out the best way to launch an NFT collection successfully, there are 6 essentials that you should consider. This tutorial helps you pick up the missing pieces, including showcases for NFT strategy, best NFT blockchains and marketplace suggestions, the importance of building a Discord NFT community, and others to facilitate successful NFT drops.

What is a non-fungible token (NFT)?

NFT is a blockchain-based record of unique digital assets such as digital art, text, videos, photos, songs, or lines of code which exist exclusively on the blockchain. Proof of provenance is stored on a digital ledger, making NFT a unique digital asset that cannot be replicated. Blockchain developers have used NFTs to create collectibles such as CryptoKitties, CryptoPunks, and Rare Pepes. There are many options for developers to leverage blockchain technology to create NFT.

What is an NFT drop?

NFT drop is the release of a non-fungible token. It refers to the date, time, and price at which an NFT is minted. Many NFT drops have purchase limits that apply to the number of tokens you can mint in one transaction. Purchasing at drop time is a great way to save money because the price of NFTs tends to increase once they are released on exchanges.

6 essentials of outstanding NFT drop

1. Weave story into your NFT

NFT projects are essential to building on a foundation of storytelling to engage audiences and help them to picture what they can expect from it.

Successful NFT projects have launched with a compelling story that drew in many users early on. The vision behind it is also clearly articulated to the audience. So, why should people buy yours? Have yours done the same?

If you’re having trouble coming up with a story for an NFT project, consider collaborating with an artist who has a voice you respect and whose intention resonates with you.

Example #1: The Dare Helmet

NOIZ, the green blockchain and marketing technology platform, recently launched its NFT project, The Dare Helmet. The Dare Helmet takes users to a metaverse where they can meet up with others to form a team and complete missions to reveal the mystery behind it. Beyond a mere digital asset, it creates a gamified experience and tells an adventure story to engage customers. 

In addition, there is a personality test for users to take before starting their journey, which enables them to envision the environment and create the backstory.

The Dare Helmet_Noiz_NFT Collection
Image of The Dare Helmet via

Example #2: NBA Top Shot

The NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based virtual trading card that allows users to buy, sell, and collect the NBA. In addition, these NFTs showcase “Moments” minted on the FLOW blockchain. Moments are NBA video highlights separated into four categories: Common Moments, Fandom Moments, Rare Moments, and Legendary Moments.

Image of NBA Top Shot Moments at NBA Top Shot via

2. Best NFT Blockchains & Marketplace selection

Choosing the best place to sell your NFTs collection and minting them on a blockchain you trust is the first important step for every creator.

There are many ways to launch your NFTs, each with benefits and drawbacks. For example, some marketplaces only sell Ethereum-based NFTs, while others have blockchains, sidechains, and currencies. Most of the NFTs are currently created on Ethereum and sold on OpenSea; there are other options for launching NFTs on various blockchains.

A few of the more significant marketplaces include:
OpenSea: The first and largest NFT marketplaceNifty’s: An eco-friendly marketplace selling NFTs by big brands and creators
Rarible: A community-owned marketplace that uses its own currency

Major available NFT blockchains options include:
Ethereum: The community-run technology powering the cryptocurrency ether (ETH).
Flow: Built for the next generation of apps, games, and the digital assets that power them.
Binance Smart Chain: Empower its users to build their decentralized apps and digital assets on one blockchain and take advantage of the fast trading to exchange on the other.
NOIZchain: A safer, encrypted, and green blockchain system while helping the environment.

3. NFT Plan for Hype

Another central element is the NFT plan for Hype. It captures audiences, including a drop introduction, ecosystem, website, and a roadmap explaining the journey. Content ideas might include a step-by-step tutorial of how you created your new NFT, behind-the-scenes videos on how you made your new NFT, etc.

By preparing a comprehensive plan for the NFT project, you will help your audience understand what they are investing in and make an informed decision. For creators wondering when they should release their NFT drops, the first step should be to understand better which significant NFTs are dropping soon to time their drops accordingly.

4. Build an exclusive NFT community

Building a Discord NFT community, Telegram group, or community on other social media platforms is key to the success of NFTs, as a strong community like the Discord NFT channel sets the stage for successful NFT projects. People can only join your ecosystem by buying the NFT. In this exclusive group, holders could put their time into communities and share ideas, work together, talk on twitter spaces, and support each other’s art and projects. The NFT community gives them a sense of value beyond owning it and offers creators a vector for building highly-engaged communities around their brands.

5. Holder’s Benefits

In addition to owning the NFT itself, the benefits of owning an NFT can also be a critical factor in a customer’s purchase decision. For example, Moonbirds ranks among some of the most successful NFTs because of the people behind it: The Proof Collective, a group of 1,000 NFT collectors who offer exclusive access to their private Discord group chat and become part of the well-known NFT figures community.

6. Prepare your team with NFT strategy

Developing an NFT collection and web3.0 marketing strategy can be challenging without full-stack technologies, knowledge, and experiences. To ensure a successful NFT drop, it’s crucial to assemble a team that can handle every aspect of the NFT strategy.

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Where to find NFT drops?

There are many places where you can discover NFT drops, including social media, Discord, word of mouth, the metaverse, and marketplaces. You are also suggested to look at some of the good NFT drop calendar sites that round up the latest drop news and projects and share information on who the artists are behind each drop.

What are the Dos and Don’ts when buying NFT?

When you’re tempted to buy or invest in a new NFT collection, keep these Dos and Don’ts in mind:
✓ Do your research
✓ Invest in things you love
✓ Be aware of a scam
╳ Risk more than you can afford to lose
╳ Buy NFTs that you don’t enjoy
╳ Purchase drops just because they’re affordable

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