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Grow Your Business With SEO Marketing

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Organic marketing is essentially related to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the process of improving a website to increase organic reach and ranking on the Search Engines.

The algorithms behind the ranking system of a search engine are absurdly complicated and ever-changing. However, we can still identify some core criteria on which websites are judged, including content, keyword search, navigation, and overall user experience.

The SEO project

New Digital Noise is an SEO strategic partner of, an up-and-coming travel company based in Hong Kong. With the informative nature of the webpage, the improvement of content would naturally become our top priority.

With regular reviews and analyses on the website’s SEO performance, our creative specialists provide suggestions on trending and seasonal content that motivates potential clients to read on and stay, which is considered as a positive user experience.

On the other hand, the digital team gives insights on figures and finds any obstacles to achieving an optimized user experience.

Is organic market worth the investment?

Successful SEO strategies will improve your rankings in search engines, and thereby increase conversions. There are other options to get your website promoted and paid ads are among the most popular ones today. Just like traditional TV ads and billboards, paid ads will guarantee a rise in website traffic as long as the bill gets settled. There is no guarantee, however, that the audience will stay long or return to your site.

Our experience tells us that diversification is always the best option. Some general rules of thumb are

  • In the long run: Organic marketing can build customer loyalty and positive user experience. Despite the high initial investment, the impact of organic reach lasts long.
  • In the short run: Paid-ads can be acquired for seasonal offers to give them a last-minute push. Just be prepared that the audience may not come back if the content and user experience are not good enough.

Still not sure about organic marketing? Ask yourself this question: do you want to be chasing after people and pushing ads in front of them, or chilling while people come to you? Share with us your thoughts about organic marketing today!

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