How to use Instagram filters to increase brand awareness

Instagram filters are one of the most popular features on social media. Currently, there are 500 million, and growing, active users on Instagram, most of whom are millennials. According to statistical data, one-third of these users use the online medium to buy something or the other. Here is another data – videos, on Instagram, lead engagements by at least 21.2% in comparison to stills or carousels.

Digital marketing experts such as Neil Patel suggests, businesses must leverage a new feature as soon as it launches. Instagram AR filters are currently the goose that lays the golden eggs, and this has been proven to be a successful feature. A good example was McDonald’s Christmas marketing campaign, where they created an Instagram Christmas AR filter to engage with their target audience, not only was this feature fascinating to look at, but it was also fun to interact with. Back in the day, when the competition was comparatively low, brands could still bide their time in regard to a digital campaign. Today, a business must pounce upon a new enhancement as soon as it launches before it blows up and becomes noisy. Businesses must make a mark before the noise hits!

The close ties between brand awareness and Instagram Filters

Brand Awareness


Many brands have already created cool Instagram filters that users can find and download from the Effects Gallery. It goes without saying that this is one of the most effective marketing strategies as far as digital advertising is concerned. When a netizen uses a filter created by your brand, axiomatically, your brand name pops up on his/her story/feed, which is how you acquire visibility.

But hold on, now there is an even better way!

Creating Augmented Reality with Instagram Filters

Augmented Reality


Imagine you have your own clothing line. Now, if you want to take full advantage of your digital presence, what would you do other than creating an appealing catalog of clothes? Write good product descriptions? Have them displayed on models?

Your customers are regular people with different body types. And we would all agree that nothing beats trying out an outfit yourself. Using these new AR Instagram filter, you can create augmented reality, which would allow a visitor on your page to try out the outfit herself/himself, enhancing customer experience dramatically.

This is just one basic example. However, any business can fit its offerings or products to unique filters that bring the customer in. You can even fit seasonal advertising ideas to exclusive and cool filters, such as a Halloween-themed make up range or accessories. See, there could be a plethora of ideas.

IKEA is one of the most favored companies in the world because it aims to enhance customer experience before anything else.

Utilize AR technology to create Instagram filters

Open an account on Spark AR Studio to get started. Choose an effect. You can upload a 3D asset, after which you may customize the movements of the graphic. Test and publish. The AR filters appear right beside the ‘Series’ icon denoted as a ‘smiley’. Your followers can click on the ‘smiley’ to check out the filters and use them – that’s creating brand awareness 101! If you are not sure about creating your own filters, delegate the task to an expert Instagram filter creator. What more, this tool is free! So, you get a potential outreach for your brand without spending any money.

Tying up with Instagram Influencers 


Instagram/KOL is a great strategy to enhance your marketing game. If you can get Instagram influencers to try out your filters and share those with their followers, the ball is in your court! You’ve won half the battle.

Make the most of the tool that allows you to create virtual realities with your products. Connect with your customers at an immediate level. Promote them on Instagram because, with these, you can build engagements in real-time as opposed to just garnering likes. Use AR filters to be visible for a reason.

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