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How We Build Data-driven Agile Marketing Teams

ndn's award-winning data-driven marketing teams implemented agile strategies in Hong Kong to optimize SEO performance.

According to AdWeek, over 1/3 of CMOs believe that digital will account for 75% of marketing spending in the next five years (Source: Adweek). With more focus on digital spending, it’s more important than ever to find a trusted digital marketing agency with high-impact teams equipped with proven process for sustainable success.

In response to market needs, NDN is re-inventing our process to better serve our clients. A key part of this evolution is to transform the team’s agility and decision-making process. We have adopted an Agile Marketing approach which articulates fast iteration and data-driven marketing decisions.

What is Agile Marketing?

Agile marketing is about meeting the needs of consumers fast. While, traditional marketing largely followed very sequential development, this is no longer the way to go, especially in such a dynamic environment.

Agile Marketing is an iterative and adaptive process. Instead of following a long step-by-step plan, priorities are set and tasks focused on these specific priorities are made. Small and highly collaborative teams work in a series of short cycles, incorporating rapid feedback and delivering solutions whenever necessary.

How We Adapt to Changes

The smartest marketers always use a variety of premium tools and proprietary processes to save time and deliver the best results for clients. At NDN, we monitor all our clients’ accounts every day by setting up a real time social media analytics dashboard. Performance is tracked and updated live, displaying key metrics that matter.

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The Synchronisation of actions and knowledge helps our teams to be more aware of any market changes and provide timely feedbacks to one another. Individual talents are also held accountable for every account. It ensures that we are delivering the best service to every one of our clients. We are continuously seeing improvements in productivity and campaign ROI, as a result of making  the right decision at the right time.

How Our Teams Focus on Driving Growth For Clients

1. Define Our Priorities

For social media marketing, creation of high quality content is of utmost importance. We prioritize the goals of campaigns according to client’s’ needs, whether it’s brand awareness, leads generation or sales revenue.

2. Identify Key Metrics & Set Goals

To ensure we can deliver outstanding work, we set measurable and clear goals for every accounts internally. Key metrics like “Fans Growth”, “Number of Engaged Users”, “Conversion Rate”…etc, are tracked.

3. Share with the Team

We display the dashboards on TV screens in the office which provides transparency. While the management can easily track progress to make long term goals, the various teams can see how they are contributing and take the appropriate data-driven actions to make improvements every day.

4. Optimize, Review, Repeat

Stand-up discussions and evaluation are held frequently and when needed. Teams are learning and getting advice from one another to optimize campaigns. Incorporating data driven marketing as a tactic means we encourage fast implementation and improvement, allowing our team to get the most through limitless testings.

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We have been delivering exceptional results to our clients, by constantly updating ourselves, using a range of technology and strategies.

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