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Integrating Social Media Strategy and Business

Integrating Social Media Strategy and Business New Digital noise

Social media is becoming a more and more important factor in a business’s overall marketing strategy. However, there are a number of businesses that have yet to implement this essential marketing element. This means they are missing out on the ability to reach a huge consumer base, which is likely more than ready to engage with their brand online.

If you are ready to improve your overall social media efforts, read this.

Strategy is more important than tools

Social media is still young. This means that new tools are being introduced all the time and change is constant. While there are a number of tools out there that are touted as being super-effective, this is not always true. Take some time to evaluate the new, innovative tool to easily determine whether or not it can improve user experience. If the answer is no, stick with a strong strategy, rather than relying on what is shiny and new at the moment.

Always look forward

Much like traditional media efforts, social media can be used for generating awareness for your company, product or brand. If awareness is the end goal, then marketers need to have a clear understanding of what will happen in the marketing strategy, in order to convert awareness into the actual purchase intent.

Align social media into marketing strategies

While most brands are on Twitter and Facebook, there are quite a few other social media platforms, including Snapchat and Instagram. Most brands do not usually have the resources on each platform, which means you have to figure out what is a priority and what is not. It is important to select social media platforms that fit the target audience of the company. For example, Twitter and Facebook usually reach a wider demographic, while Snapchat and Instagram have a younger user base.

Create a custom, social media tool kit

The creation of brand toolkits have become standard for a number of companies. They can be used as a guide to the local markets or provide guidelines and templates for tailoring content for a specific brand or to a specific group. There are some companies that have even started creating toolkits with templates for Twitter and Facebook posts. These work to help ensure alignment and a more cohesive brand image across multiple lines of communication.

When it comes to social media, it is not something that can be ignored. Take some time to think about how it can be used for your company. Regardless of the type of business you have, social media is a must use venue that will provide you with the ability to easily reach your target customer.

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