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Marketing with Art

A group of people in Hong Kong sitting in a room with an orchestra.

Art is capitalised by businesses large and small to draw target audience’s interests. When used right, it delights the senses and offers fresh perspectives on how audience perceives the brand.

Hong Kong is now a hub for international and local art events, from Asia’s most sought-after art expos to world-class performances that amass emerging creative talents. Our client, Lanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong, is the official venue for both Hong Kong Arts Festival and True Tales by Design, a four-day exhibition of select contemporary design objects. In line with its positioning, we helped Lanson Place Hotel, Hong Kong leverage participating art events as well as other notable seasonal happenings in the city like Art Basel and Art Central as part of its social media strategy.

Besides managing regular posts on Facebook and Instagram, our team also recorded and promote the events on Instagram Stories, a full-screen creative format that lets brands create dynamic photo and video sequences that expire after 24 hours. We select the best of Stories for Story Highlights, which serves as a quick profile for the brand. You can see these Stories via your mobile. Simply, follow @lansonplacehk on Instagram.

There is a misconception that high-end brands should stay aloof from current happenings. But with thorough understanding of the brand, connecting it with befitting topics of the town is an effective way to promote engagement. Talk to us for more ideas.

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