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NDN Group and Mobinology Partnership

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NDN Group and Mobinology Forge Global Partnership to Deliver Enterprise-Grade AI-Powered Chatbot Solution 

Fostering synergy to empower enterprises to drive business growth and innovation at scale  

Leading digital corporation NDN Group and Mobinology, world-class business software developer, today announced a global partnership to deliver enterprise-grade chatbot solution to empower enterprises to accelerate business growth.

Powered by leading artificial intelligence and cloud computing technologies, the industry-leading and end-to-end chatbot solution enables global and regional enterprises with secure, scalable and agile operations, combined with machine learning and data analytics capabilities. The all-in-one chatbot solution defines new pathways for enterprises to deliver seamless and personalized customer experience. Enterprises harness the capability, value and benefits of the chatbot to reach out to hundreds of millions of customers globally.

“Having forged new partnership with NDN Group, our exemplary chatbot solution truly benefits clients looking to go the next level in digital transformation. We are elevating bot technology and innovation as machine learning and artificial intelligence move from novelty to necessity. We are dedicated to pushing the frontier of chatbot innovation, enabling our enterprise-strength solution to offer great value to end-users and bring the customer satisfaction to the ultimate level,” said Kenneth Chung, Head of Sales & Co-Founder of Mobinology.

“We are deeply excited to partner with Mobinology to offer bespoke chatbot solutions to meet enterprises’ unique business purposes, operational requirements and the bot performs multiple roles across diverse industries. We strive to apply next-generation technologies in a smart and innovative way to enable enterprises achieve their business goals and bring manlike conversational experience, alongside excellent scaling and integration abilities.” said NDN Group Chairman Andy Ann.

With the landmark partnership NDN Group leverages its expertise on curating captivating UI/UX design, outstanding conversational flow, distinctive brands’ tones and manners and sound strategy to interact with customers, whereas Mobinology epitomizes its technological innovation on machine learning, Natural Language Processing, data analytics and integration into enterprises’ communication platforms in the front-end and back-end.

The exemplary virtual assistant has enabled business save cost, accelerate response times and enhance customer loyalty – that all are staple of lead generation and enhance transactions and tap into exponential business growth. The AI-powered chatbot streamlines and automates customer services and offer human-like encouragement to accelerate interaction with customers.

NDN Group and Mobinology’s intelligent Enterprise Chatbot Solution offers various distinctive functionalities and capabilities at scale. Immersive Dialogue Flow is charted out to create high-impact customer experience with distinctive Tone of Voice and Manner to reflect enterprises’ branding for fostering maximum customer engagement and loyalty. Enterprises can also leverage Customer Analytics and Insights by conducting in-depth analysis on the conversational journey and understanding end-user behaviour based on data collected. With advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) supported at the backend, this enables the bot to recognize all forms of language namely Cantonese for businesses to extend global outreach. Above all, closing the last mile with the Call-to-Action feature empowers the bot to use real-time information for accelerating revenue opportunities automatically after conversation with customers.

With all these next-generation features and technologies, enterprises rapidly reinvent, deploy and extend their strategies and applications to create unparalleled competitive edges. The chatbots are customized in industries, namely insurance, banking, automotive, gas and electricity, consume products, retail, property, hotel, aviation, capital markets and many others, irrespective of sizes and regulatory requirements among other things.

About Mobinology

Found in Hong Kong SAR and being as one of the advanced business software solution providers, we are specialized in providing innovative solutions for data-driven marketing and customer engagement. Powered by world-class Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Cloud Computing technologies, our leading AI platform (ELAIN®) and subject matter experts empower customers with advanced technologies to rapidly reinvent, deploy and scale their smart applications to create unprecedented competitive advantages to meet their strategic business needs.

With an established presence in delivering AI applications to enterprises in the area, Mobinology brings a high level of expertise in building and deploying conversational and cognitive applications.

About NDN Group

NDN Group is a major digital conglomerate and investment group focused on building, acquiring, and growing companies in the digital space. Our businesses are involved in a wide range of industries across multiple markets, including artificial intelligence, blockchain, big data analytics, digital media, mobile solutions, social media, e-commerce, e-sports, content development & distribution. Additionally, we also specialize in delivering digital transformation training for major international corporations in order to support the increasing demand for digital experts.

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