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A person utilizing SEO strategies and engaging in digital marketing in Hong Kong through a partnership website.
NDN Group and Shopline Partnership
NDN Group Partners with Shopline to Offer One-Stop E-Commerce Solution Nowadays anyone can start an e-commerce, but which platform should you use this is the question. At NDN Group we are here to help, combining our knowledge in digital solutions...
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An iPad with digital marketing is expected to reach 600 billion by 2019.
Diversifying Digital Marketing Efforts in China
Online market in China continues to flourish. In 2017, netizens in the country have amounted to 7.72 billion. Online advertising market has reached 382.87 billion yuan and it is estimated to exceed 600 billion yuan by 2019. Currently, e-commerce advertising...
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A person is digitally drawing on a paper with an award-winning pen in Hong Kong.
The Best Kind of UX/UI design
User experience and user interface, typically referred to as UX and UI, are key to quality website and app design. UX refers to the procedure of elevating the overall user experience when they interact with the application or website, while...
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The Facebook Marketplace app is showcased on an iPhone.
Advertising at Facebook Marketplace
In 2018, individuals surfing on Facebook has amounted to an average of 1.45 billion per day, which is over one-fifth of the total world population. This versatile and gargantuan base of active users is why you need to know about...
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A geo-themed computer screen showcasing Hong Kong's award-winning digital marketing.
Finding your Right Audience with Geo-targeting
When working on target marketing, online marketers often go all out to solve a key puzzle in mind: How to maximise efforts while minimising errors? With a simple digital tool, we’ve found a solution for one of our clients. We...
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An individual in Hong Kong is operating both a cell phone and a pos machine.
Alipay goes live in Hong Kong
Supporting an astounding 8.5 million daily transactions in China, the payment-by-smartphone app from Alibaba is taking its first step to offering non-yuan payment options in Hong Kong. The launch of AlipayHK allows users to top up their account in local currency by...
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Reaching out to Mainland visitors via WeChat
It is estimated that up to 40% of global luxury sales are made by the Chinese, and 90% of those transactions are made overseas. Just last year, the Chinese tourist spending reached 229 billion, and it is expected to reach...
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Award-winning SEO in Hong Kong on a grateful Friday.
Is social media right for luxury brands?
Luxury brands promote exclusivity. Social media, on the other hand, is all about reaching out and connecting with the largest audience possible. It seems unlikely at first but turns out the pair does works magic — only with the right...
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Chinese lanterns with the words mid autumn festival and 10 seasonal advertising ideas for Hong Kong's digital marketing.
10 Seasonal Advertising Ideas You Can Use: Mid-Autumn Festival
Mid-Autumn festival is fast approaching and as marketers, it is the perfect time to capitalize on the holidays. Regardless of industry, some creativity is all it takes to make your brand relevant to the upcoming festival. Take inspiration from the...
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A person executing digital marketing strategies in front of a window.
How marketing & technology are converging
Before today’s digital age, marketing and technology were two separate entities. One dealt with computers and network issues, while the other sought to promote the company/brand to the public. But thanks to today’s increased interested in all things related to...
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