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Empower healthier living through Cigna Smart Health—a website platform redefining healthcare engagement.

Cigna HK - Medical Insurance Website

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As a medical insurance company, Cigna Healthcare HK redefined healthcare engagement with the Smart Health blog website.

By offering digestible, shareable, and engaging information, the Smart Health website transformed Cigna into an ally for holistic wellness beyond insurance.

As a website marketing agency in Hong Kong, we leveraged unparalleled UX design, web design, and SEO optimization to revolutionize digital healthcare engagement by making every interaction meaningful for Cigna Healthcare HK.

Success by the Numbers

12% Growth in Sales
+64% Articles Read per Reader
+300% Facebook Reach
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Educate Customers on Health Topics

Deliver valuable insights through enlightening SEO blog articles, empowering customers with knowledge on health conditions, wellness, and medical advances for a healthier lifestyle.

Forge Trust and Health Expertise

Consistently provide high-quality blog content to position the insurance company as a trusted source of health expertise. Elevate brand credibility, strengthen customer relationships, and drive increased site engagement.

Optimize Visibility and Audience Reach

Create compelling health content to enhance the site’s organic search rankings. Propel qualified traffic to the site and sales pages, maximizing visibility and conversion opportunities. healthy lifestyle.


Targeted UX Design Workshop with Cigna Team

Conducted an exclusive UX workshop with the Cigna team, crafting detailed personas and mapping the Web User Journey. This shaped nuanced pillars for Smart Health blog content, aligning the platform with diverse user demographics for personalized health engagement and an enhanced user experience.

Build User-Centric Web Design & Seamless CMS Implementation

Forged a user-friendly website structure with a visually appealing web design. Developed a robust content management system for seamless updates, enhancing user experience

Crafting Engaging Content with SEO Optimization

Crafted engaging blog posts that seamlessly blend health and lifestyle, transforming readers into clients. Boost search visibility through strategic SEO optimization.

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