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Building brand presence as a smart health professional to engage health-conscious audience across touchpoints.

Cigna Hong Kong

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Cigna Hong Kong

Cigna Hong Kong offers insurance solutions to customers throughout their different life stages. For over 5 years, New Digital Noise has worked with the insurer as it seeks to connect with the as health-conscious and young individuals through a robust, multi-channel digital marketing strategy.


  • Persona and customer journey research
  • Cross-channel digital marketing strategy
  • SEO-friendly blog post creation
  • Social media marketing
  • Online advertising

Success by the Numbers

~50% super high click-through rate
150%+ increment year-to-year in online conversion
Success by the Numbers


Higher brand awareness

To make Cigna Hong Kong’s name more famous in the digital-first market and higher rankings in search results, also posting in facebook page to capture the market share of tech-savvy audiences.

Boost customer engagement without brokers

Though Cigna Hong Kong pioneered selling insurance products online without brokers, the digital transformation also opened a communication gap that brokers could have filled otherwise. The brand needed a digital strategy to bridge the communication gap with its customers.

Rise of health-conscious, young customers

Studies showed that consumers in Hong Kong were getting health-conscious. Our findings backed it up that most participants aged 30-45 said they would proactively consume content about a healthy lifestyle.

Our Methodology:

To help Cigna Hong Kong to connect with a broader audience, we drew upon our “Understand-Create-Deliver” Model to build a seamless customer journey backed by a robust channel and content strategy.

Create a Multi-channel Strategy

As we understood the consumers’ pain points and desires, we identified three segments of the target audience:

  • A) General public and foodies;
  • B) Young professionals aged 30-45; and
  • C) health-conscious individuals.
Boost customer engagement without brokers

We devise a multi-channel content strategy to engage consumers of different interests across multiple digital touchpoints.

Deliver Content across a Mix of Channels

We created a Smart Health Blog where wellness knowledge and tips were available for subscription. The content portal, a part of Cigna’s official website, was a destination where the audience was driven from various digital touchpoints such as social media and display ads.

Our Solutions

A Digital Customer Journey for Building Brand Awareness and Credibility


We reached our target customers across numerous digital touchpoints through targeting and search keyword implementation.

Facebook page, Facebook posts
Social media posts, SEO / SEM
eDM, Google display network


As we drove the traffic to the Smart Health Blog, not only did we strengthen the trustworthy image of Cigna Hong Kong with in-depth health and wellness content, we also got to analyze users’ behavioral data through the blog subscription. Purchase Audience, intrigued by health knowledge, moved from the blog to Cigna Hong Kong’s website to purchase insurance products online.

Blog, Video content / Youtube


Audience, intrigued by the health knowledge, moved from the blog to Cigna Hong Kong’s website to purchase insurance products online.

Purchase on product site

Blog Content Aligned with Channel Mix

We created steams of blog posts under themes of “Medical (醫),” “Eat (食),” “Live (住)” and “Move(行),” and pushed them to a mix of social media, Google Display Network (GDN) ad placements, blogs, videos, and eDMs to approach our targets.

Our Results

The campaign’s success in differentiating Cigna Hong Kong from its competitors was attributed mainly to the precise audience segmentation and the unique tactics around the customer journey.
The Smart Health Blog also built a professional and credible image for Cigna Hong Kong to engage the health-conscious audience.
Three months after the service began, we fast-tracked the success and surpassed the yearly KPIs by achieving a 300% increment in post link clicks.
We boosted the blog reach throughout the nearly one-year period, with a clickthrough rate of around 50% and a 150% increase in online conversion compared to the previous year.
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