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FedEx - Branding Design and Solution

Achieving Logistics Visibility in Hong Kong with Localized Visual Branding Solutions

FedEx - Enhancing Brand Presence in HK

FedEx, a renowned global logistics company, aimed to establish a strong presence in Hong Kong’s competitive market. Seeking localization while aligning with its global image, FedEx engaged New Digital Noise, a creative branding agency to enhance its brand presence on social media platforms.

As a creative branding agency in Hong Kong, we harnessed the power of innovative visual branding solutions with branding design strategies to elevate FedEx’s brand presence and captivate their target audience.

Success by the Numbers

30% Social Media Engangement
20% Website Traffic
15% Lead Generation
202403 Fedex showcase 4 Data


Localized Presence

Infuse FedEx’s brand with Hong Kong’s vibrant spirit, resonating deeply with local culture and preferences.

Alignment with Global Branding Guidelines

Ensure FedEx’s branding design adheres to global branding standards while incorporating localized elements.

Logistic Clarity

Illuminate FedEx’s intricate logistics journey through captivating visual branding design, simplifying complexity for local customer.


Inspiring Visual Narratives

Curate dynamic and motivational imagery that resonates with the Asian market, evoking energy and enthusiasm.

Streamlined Visuals

Simplify messaging with clear imagery that swiftly communicates FedEx’s essence, ensuring seamless understanding.

Brand-Aligned Visual Style

Create a cohesive visual style that aligns with FedEx’s global branding guidelines, maintaining consistency and coherence across all branding materials.

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