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FWD - Website Design for FWD Agent Portal

Revitalizing the Agent Assistant Platform for Seamless Agent Experience and Enhanced Efficiency through Website Design

Reinventing the Agent Experience with FWD Agent Portal

As a leading website marketing agency in Hong Kong, we identified opportunities to optimize the existing FWD Agent Assist portal. Through user research, feedback and analysis of the web user journey, it was clear the original design had usability issues that hindered agent productivity. The UI lacked intuitive navigation and functionality did not adequately support workflows or the web user journey.

To address these challenges and better serve FWD agents, we embarked on a comprehensive redesign project. As a website marketing agency in Hong Kong, our dedicated UX team conducted in-depth analysis to fully understand agent pain points, and requirements and revise the web user journey. With revised user journeys and an enhanced UI, we aimed to streamline processes, optimize the web user journey and make client data management effortless.

The revitalized FWD Agent Assist portal resolves previous limitations through thoughtful reimagining. Agents can now seamlessly access the tools and information needed to deliver superior service along an improved web user journey.

Success by the Numbers

90%Platform Utilization Streamlined interface drove a major boost in site usage.
55%⬆ Agent Productivity Refined workflows led to greater efficiency for agents.
81%⬆ User Satisfaction Thoughtful changes enhanced the user experience.
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Streamline Workflows & Processes

Utilizing journey mapping, intricate user flows were captured, refining the flow and updating the UI design to align with FWD’s goals for heightened agents’ satisfaction.tal marketing services and Xiaohongshu marketing.

Align UI Design with Global Standards

Acknowledging inconsistencies with the global app, a layout revamp prioritized user-friendly interactions, meeting objectives for seamless alignment with the FWD’s global application.

Boost Adoption Rates Strategically

Executing a comprehensive UI overhaul with a focus on tablet optimization aimed at enhancing usability. Objectives include improving UX across computer and tablet touchpoints, and striving for a 15-20% increase in platform usage among agents.or the specialized Coffee Agenda experience.

Our Solutions

In-Depth UX Workshops and UX Research

Comprehensive UX workshops and UX research yielded pivotal insights, laying the foundation for our strategic solution approach.

Tablet-Centric UI/UX Design

Prioritizing the tablet, the primary device for agents, our UI design focused on optimizing the platform’s accessibility and functionality.

Creation of a Comprehensive Style Guide

We developed a style guide crucial for future enhancements, ensuring consistent design across the project. This guide guaranteed design coherence, even with diverse contributors involved.

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