Magpie Securities

An all-inclusive online and off-line marketing campaign for a successful launch of a U.S.-based stock trading app in Hong Kong.

Magpie Securities

Founded by NASDAQ-listed Fintech Company, Magpie Securities has developed Magpie Invest, a global stock trading app that connects users to major exchanges around the world and provides investors with diverse investment opportunities. The company planned to launch the mobile app in Hong Kong by September 2021. NDN Group worked with Magpie Securities to orchestrate an integrated O2O PR and digital marketing launch and activation campaign.


  • Press conference
  • Outdoor advertising, including MTR, tram and mega TV
  • Roadshow engagement
  • Newspaper ads
  • GDN display ads
  • SEO & SEM
  • Online media acquisition
  • Social media and chatbot engagement
  • Data analytics dashboard

Success in a Snapshot

Millions of impressions on social media in the 1st week
70% of high traffic locations covered by our outdoor advertising network
Over thousands of quality leads captured during a 2-week social media campaign


Increase brand awareness amid tight competition

Competition between stock trading apps has heated up in Hong Kong, with multiple digital securities competitors available. To launch a successful app, Magpie Securities must go beyond building brand awareness to attracting investors to open accounts on the stock trading app.

Build brand trust

The debut of the Magpie Invest stock trading app coincided with the volatility of global stock market. Security became an important part of the brand messaging, and serial campaigns were executed to attract potential customers for account opening.

Our Methodology:

In order to launch the stock trading app successfully, we developed a strategic funnel, plotting the effects of different mixes of O2O marketing strategies and their respective KPIs and goals in various stages of the funnel.

1. Top funnel activities to build brand trust and maximize brand awareness.
2. In mid-funnel, we maximized our lead generation efforts and drove consideration of the app with a network of media and advertising strategies.
3. In the lower funnel, we converted potential leads into app downloads.

Our Solutions

Preheat marketing
To generate hype for our app, we used a countdown on social media and paid advertising around the app launch. We also set up SEM marketing and SEO blogs to increase our visibility once people started searching for information about our business.

App Launch
As part of a series of online-to-offline marketing efforts, NDN Group held a press conference to introduce the new brand to the press. We also purchased outdoor advertising on MTR and trams as well as on mega TVs in city centers. We also used Google Display Network ads to reach potential customers based on with multiple branding angles.

Ongoing online and offline engagement
To maintain the app launch’s success, we launched two-week roadshows to engage offline lead generation for opening accounts. We also reinforced these efforts with ongoing social media outreach as well as continued engagement.

“10K Q&As for Magpie Invest” Social media campaign:
As a result of public concern over data security and stability of their securities platform, Magpie Securities launched a social media campaign called “10K Q&As for Magpie Invest” to promote user engagement and loyalty. During the campaign, we rewarded investors for asking questions about Magpie Securities, the Magpie Invest app, and investment in a general term.

To facilitate engagement, we set up a social media chatbot that automatically engaged participants and captured leads with valid phone numbers and email addresses. The campaign was brought to a close by posting answers for the frequently asked questions and a video in which KOL asked investment questions with an investment expert from Magpie Securities. Not only did the campaign successfully generate leads in a short period of time, it also helped clear up security concerns to build brand trust by being transparent and honest.

Our Results

The NDN Group introduced Magpie Invest, a new mobile app, with a dazzling press conference that attracted numerous media outlets and generated extensive coverage of our campaign, including location-specific outdoor advertising reaching 70% of high traffic areas in Hong Kong. We also reached high impressions on social media within the first week of the launch and gained thousands of quality leads via social media campaigns.